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PE want to learn tennis. Ask how to pick the tennis racket? Brand? Flex?

ccyynicole2010-02-01 05:01:35 +0000 #1
Because it is an amateur, but also students in the hope that an affordable price. Thank you,
Horse pigtail 152010-02-01 05:04:17 +0000 #2
Hello, just learning to play tennis to tell the truth demands is not very high

Student Well-centered or in the price is right

you can buy a high imitation of the beat of the request

As for the hand to buy a slightly larger point of 100-110

tennis-line flexibility is a good point

the rest There is nothing now

other accessories should take note of the wrist and tennis shoes to buy a bar so do not get hurt easily

PS: Recommend a racket Wilson N1 imitation of only 100 yuan a high bar pretty much a white bit of gray on the edge you can Taobao Soso like

Finally I wish you find happiness in tennis

With the slowly pulls raise the level of the shoot when the choices according to their own style of play
mcwoshigaoyi2010-02-01 05:43:56 +0000 #3
Hello, tennis rackets, the choice of many people may be due to not be too beat Heavy fighting otherwise I would be tired brand is not very concerned about Flex net surface to be middle-hand tapping on the OK elastic strong sense of the price I bought is 200 yuan beat a very good
wang11255552010-02-01 05:20:55 +0000 #4
see you want to choose what kind of general weight 270 280 racket around 100-110 bar look like they should elect Well the price and there is a good Hyde Babolat is the wave forces came close to days Longchuan Kawasaki can not play again on a play that still mixed brand
zhanglicious2010-02-01 05:50:35 +0000 #5
suggestions Roger Federer to Baidu bar to ask where the professional person.



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