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islu09142010-02-02 08:01:41 +0000 #1
red and black carbon Wang 7.6 forehand 729-8 (45) backhand YASAKA ZTP configuration can not?

There is a problem, both are within the rubber is not affixed to the future

can not control it? ?
Sharjah2010-02-02 08:16:57 +0000 #2
Louzhu good

filling plastic and non-irrigated plastic irrigation than any set of plastic is plastic, but you choose to use a better set of rubber has been quite a good job there is no need to worry paste filling glue

and leave the

If you opened a can full-torn and then re-sticky
Yu-ping-pong2010-02-02 08:45:35 +0000 #3
is not entirely to be able QQ: 491925987
saerdai122010-02-02 08:38:06 +0000 #4
irrigation gum is a habit, no matter what set of plastic, as long as you had after irrigation than did Before filling more dynamic, even the internal energy rubber, you will find a long non-stick flexible as before
jianhui452010-02-02 08:29:48 +0000 #5
General rubber filling flexible plastic 1,2 weeks noticeably weakened, but the internal energy rubber sustainable 1,2 months If you often play, flexibility should be gradually reduced sense not to.
diobrando212010-02-02 10:24:29 +0000 #6
cherish life, away from the filling glue



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