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Shake-hands grip forehand anti-adhesive, plastic athletes backhand is what?

opurtuminity2010-02-02 09:01:02 +0000 #1

San Marco EX2010-02-02 09:09:55 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello.

Is now the world's anti-plastic forehand, the backhand of raw rubber (raw rubber is also a part of being inside the plastic range) and professional athletes, China is not serving the country in the hands of the (formerly Wang Tao yes), Hong Kong, Singapore, where there is a group; another is also considered being a long rubber adhesive, to being anti-adhesive gel slice backhand long play steal the show also has a large number of the chopper.

Let me start of raw rubber. Male athlete of the more well-known Hong Kong's Tang Peng, female athletes of Hong Kong's Tie Yana, Jiang Huajun, Lin Ling, Lau Sui Fei and so on, Singapore's Li Jia Wei, Wang Yue Gu and so on, South Korea's Tang Rui Xu, China's Cao Zhen and so on.

Because now both sides of the ball loop-loop combination of fast-break style of play is improving daily, has been playing the past three board to the first four boards, five boards, locked in a stalemate in the attack to turn defensive, defensive to offensive, light fierce fight has been useless, so in order to fight winning the first three panels of the fast-break style of play and a serious decline, this combination of horizontal plate of raw rubber loop fast-break style of play because of a lack of innovation in men is gradually phased out; and because the relationship between women's own fitness, but also to play its value in use.

Concluded that the long plastic. Plastic chopping long time to re-play in the inorganic unrecognized. Today's longer than the outstanding play of a plastic slice, South Korea's World chop a brother Zhu Shihe, a sister Kim Kyung Ah Park, United States and Britain, China, Fan Ying, Wu-yang, Hou Premiership so, Lin Ju of the Dominican Republic, Japan, Wang hui. In addition, Japan's Ai Fukuhara is also working on backhand long anti-adhesive glue, but her play is a fast-break combination of loop, using a long plastic pellets hit, make the same and so are China's Wang Xuan.

In addition there are some odd players in Europe, such as Saul good sisters, they are being rusty gum rubber cut backhand long attack combination.

Hope you are satisfied.
youhou66782010-02-02 09:50:35 +0000 #3
Dual believe that students play against the pros and cons will definitely come back ---- we will not be out of drops -----



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