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Consult a table tennis racket of the configuration problem

Sheng Mingxuan2010-02-02 09:01:16 +0000 #1
I am a fast break the ball with loop-based style of play. I bought Nick 33811 Aoqialuofu fast multi-arc of pure wood floor 7 of inorganic wood FL, rubber with Japanese sponge is 729 boutique dedicated professional team (both positive and negative), do not know if this configuration can not be used was great ? Mainly want to practice to loop the ball, and I hope they enlighten masters ah!
hanleizhangli2010-02-02 09:10:34 +0000 #2
request cool, you might consider carbon, but to fast break and is not necessary to use carbon, carbon film shoot off quick, deformation less poor natural control.

729 with the Japanese sponge, belonging to high-elastic, while the Hurricane need to force their own hair is good, to be out of the ball must be made strong, and the Hurricane is not filling glue, then do some hard fighting.

More than the quality of Nick's floor is also very good, and butterflies are thick large deformation, STIGA hardness are thick, multi-Qing Cui deformation Nick should be big, I used too much Nick Laowa the bottom, that is the feeling. Qing Cui So out of the ball quickly, assault, bomb hit not bad, deformation big loop on the comfortable. Will almost certainly burst.
Flying dark gray2010-02-02 09:18:34 +0000 #3
pure wood-based panels are suitable for their hair force, is suitable for the bottom loop play the ball. So you want to practice this loop the ball of choice is the right floor. If it is fast-break with the bottom loop of the play of the slightly inappropriate. Quick attack with the speed loop is playing with the spin, pure wood floor, but with the speed of rotation is get out, so I proposed that carbon substrate, such as the red and black carbon Stica king, or the crystal will do.

Rubber-how shall I first used the 729 ordinary rubber, and now 729 I have not used a set of rubber. I have a brief assessment of what I feel with the 729 rubber: First 729 rubber is very durable, is the training of rubber, and now most of amateur sports schools are using this rubber, but because his main is to train with rubber, the elastic adhesive connection with the unsatisfactory. If you want to practice loop, then I suggest that forehand backhand Hurricane 2 Hurricane 3. Hurricane 2 for loop, Hurricane 3 for control. Do not think Hurricane is produced domestically than abroad, sets of plastic, in fact, the boom, the rubber in some areas has gone beyond the outside of some of the sets of plastic. Another hurricane is also sub-normal hurricane, the provincial team to skyrocket, and with the national team to skyrocket, and the market is selling normal to skyrocket, and if there are channels could get the block of provincial feel mad, or mad country, at a ball speed and spin field is certainly not the same.

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