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What is the material of table tennis

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celluloid (celluloid), which is from a plastic cotton (low nitrogen content of cellulose nitrate) and plasticizer (mainly camphor), lubricants , dyes and other processed made of plastic. Horn-shaped, transparent and tough. There are thermoplastic, softening at 80

90 ℃. Water resistance, acid resistance, alkali, salt solution, and the capability hydrocarbons, oils and so on. But the concentrated acid, alkali, and many of the organic solvents can dissolve or damage. Easy to fire.
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Louzhu good

ping-pong with the celluloid made

40.00 millimeters in diameter, weighing 2.6-2.8 grams, white, yellow or orange


colored or colorless, transparent or opaque flakes of soft, elastic

it can be the boiling point of water temperature molding forming; it can at lower temperatures have been cutting, drilling or sawing; it can be hard clumps can also be made of a soft sheet (which can be used do shirt collars, children's toys, etc.). Thinner and more resilient, colloidal silver can be used as thin film-based compounds, so that it became the first practical photographic film.

Now it's the most common use is to make table tennis, other uses are in chemical, aerospace, machinery, printing and so on.

This product is flammable. The event of fire, heat burns easily. Long reservoir will gradually heat, if the product can cause spontaneous combustion heat lingers.



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