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I posted a long straight opposite of how kind of glue?

oxo1232010-02-02 10:01:52 +0000 #1
I posted a long straight opposite of how kind of glue? I generally do not have a negative, so long rubber is sometimes used explant used is not bad.

Who the opposite is a long plastic, and feel?
hanleizhangli2010-02-02 10:12:35 +0000 #2
amateur golfers, then posted a negative long-not even think about playing a good offensive rubber on, mainly in long, anti-plastic transformation and defense dominated.

You can chop the transition using a long rubber and anti-adhesive alternately, this style of play in the amateur golfers, many of the old view, the anti-adhesive glue under the anti-rotation and long rotation turn, the opponent's error probability is relatively large. This is a RACKET anti-adhesive glue longer the most common style of play.

In the other side pull loop time, with long plastic cutting a board, the ball does not go forward, and the other ill.

If you want to attack good bar with raw rubber, raw rubber bullet hit the ball better than a long plastic play, but also the nature of counter-rotating.

Is free of glue on.

Serving less long rubber ball, or certainly were killed. Unless you will be able to issue long-short, low-profile rubber ball.
yu0803072010-02-02 10:23:01 +0000 #3
see the individual the! Long plastic no professional training is difficult to use!

And the mainstream anti-adhesive felt a lot of difference! Do not force the ball, and Shen! It is difficult to cope with ah!



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