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Table tennis rubber adhesive what is what anti-rubber

xinyang19732010-02-02 10:02:10 +0000 #1

random jiu Good2010-02-02 10:17:44 +0000 #2
Positive Photoresist

also known as short-grain rubber, which is above a lot of rubber particles, is characterized by good elasticity, high speed, hit the ball solid , do not eat turn, suitable for fast-break close to the table, especially the right to attack the left push-type play, is a straight fast-break-type player, one of the most common type of rubber. Over the past Zhuang Zedong, Li Furong, Jiang Jialiang, Xie Seik have adopted such a large number of world champions are plastic sponge Pen. World Champion Liu Guoliang also use this type of rubber.


simply means that the surface looks smooth, it is the kind of sticky, which is characterized by strong spin shots, hitting stable, easy to control, suitable for loop-type or loop-type fast-break play with . Because the stability ball, control the ball well, and therefore the preferred type of beginners. For the professional player is concerned, there are a variety of different properties of anti-adhesive sponge bat to choose from, such as rubber adhesive strong, supporting soft and thick sponge, which has good "bite" the ball and "wrapped" ball features. Anti-adhesive sponge rubber is a straight, shake-hands grip the most commonly used rubber players, almost all European players have adopted such a rubber, the Asian players have nearly 80% used. Because the rubber is good balance between speed and rotation requirements. The current international super-class players, the vast majority of all use of anti-adhesive rubber. Such as the loop fast break style of play with Jan-Ove Waldner, Wang Nan and so on, fast-break style of play with loop Kong Linghui, Deng Yaping and so on, straight grip of Ma and so on, they are uniformly positive, or two surfaces are anti-adhesive rubber .
A bottle of Blue Erguotou2010-02-02 10:51:52 +0000 #3
refers to whether the surface of rubber particles

Positive Photoresist is colloidal particles inward and outward anti-adhesive
hanleizhangli2010-02-02 11:07:05 +0000 #4
: (1) anti-adhesive, today's most popular, suitable for loop fast break, is also suitable for defense. plane upward, particles down, the surface smooth and sticky., easy deformation, increase the surface area of contact with the ball, provide conditions for increased friction.

* There is also a known anti-adhesive anti-arc circle, the surface of non-viscous, friction is small, will know by name, characteristics, because of friction small, the rotation of the loop is not sensitive for the fast break.

(2) is affixed to rubber, that is, particles upward, generally with a more thinner than the soft surface of the sea, because the particles face of poor control of the ball through the soft surface of the sea, increasing contact surface to enhance a sense of the ball.

* Positive Photoresist: suitable for fast-break, there is little friction. particles short, big, thick , hard cylinder, particle surfaces may have ridges to increase friction.

* Long Rubber: suitable for fast-break, is also suitable for chopping (typically used in the backhand). particulates are thin and long cylinder, and soft, because it The soft, so ball it back to the past, the nature of the ball rotation with the other rubber is the opposite, so used in the defense, the other side of the topspin more powerful, you use a long plastic cut back to the past, the more severe the next spin. itself manufacture of rotation is weak.

* raw rubber: Particle shape of circles in the Positive Photoresist and long rubber which is suitable for quick attack and defense, manufacturing, the ability to spin a little better than a long rubber, when the same defense for the cut, attack is used for horizontal plate backhand bomb attack, the ball is fast, sudden strong batting quite volatile.

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