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Ping-pong ball from the five elements of analysis on how to improve the quality of shots

Sigma 12010-02-02 11:01:59 +0000 #1
in emergencies, to thank those concerned to help solve the short answer to Oh! !
Jxu902010-02-02 11:18:02 +0000 #2
speed: a general ball when the ball hit the ball at the highest point; if it is especially a rotating period of time after the ball dropped the ball. (Catch the ball before the rotation will need to think about the direction of the ball rotating in the opposite direction to the next). In particular, if it is the kind of contact with the ball on the side of the ball xintaizi to the impact point in its rotation according to his office to pick.

Rotation: To rotate the best choice of training mad three provinces (national mad 3 better, that is not good to buy), when you beat the ball tilted 50 degrees (this is only my feeling, look at personal circumstances) about. This depends mainly on hand, we should always practice because as there is no foundation years of table tennis is not enough.

Arc: In a time when attention to pulling the ball impact point on the line (better ball spin better arc).

Power: The main force is the waist. (This easier said than done, I played 10 years in time to pull the two sides, often arm-fat force posture-aliasing.)

Placement: Next pull the ball when the racket back in contact with the ball slightly before 1:00. Note that when you attack Hou adjust their stance, in line with the wrist action on the list. Lian Qiu, when attention on the list.
Smoke ring 10292010-02-02 11:40:11 +0000 #3
Speed: up period as far as hitting, but also a good pre-sentence

Rotation: multi-friction, this is no way that the

arc: This view has rotated

Strength: give dumbbell bar, and playing ball games When issued with the waist edge, can not be too dead, two legs to use to pull its weight

Placement: to play a long ball forward as far as possible to send short ball, then hit the time right in the unloading force, multi-ball training effect was apparent that some



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