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How to control the switch or not to switch

lcoo20082010-02-02 13:01:03 +0000 #1
to play table tennis, how to control the ball out of the revolving or non-rotating ah
hanleizhangli2010-02-02 13:09:21 +0000 #2
You take the initiative to friction, that is, turn in!

You do not friction, we can not say that did not rotate, but not very forward, the transfer can be negligible, or the other to spin the ball on your racket on the reaction will also be rotated.

A good rotation is not a simple transfer, your actions serve both fat transfer, but also hair does not turn, when you turn issued a non-ball, the other party to judge that, as a backspin ball handling, then He went on to serve on the will take the high is your chance to ball, which is a good rotation.

Want to send a strong rotation of the ball, or through friction, serve each person movements and habits are different, but the only thing that is the same as the friction. You can see how the ball game players, they serve a certain sense in this move, and then find their own way of how the friction the ball will be transferred, this must be their own to understand.

You will serve, and will issue a variety of spin, and will be able to judge each other's rotation, also said before, each person used to a different ball. For example right-handed backhand swing off the tee to the abdomen from the left shoulder before, and then to the right hand side, which serve the first half of swing phase is followed by the follow-up action, fake stage. So the first half of the swing is an arc trajectory, in order to facilitate the discussion, can be decomposed into a downward motion, and the right moves, down is definitely the next rotation, and some human hair down the side spin component is relatively more time when you backspin, but some people like to swing at the right down the process of adding the composition, this time more difficult to judge, but to know each other's habits after the very good pick up.
ch200301242010-02-02 13:34:45 +0000 #3
shots, elbow or wrist waving, playing the ball will spin.



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