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History of Ping Tan had to look at the game, which of these games?

ningtaiyu2010-02-02 14:01:04 +0000 #1

San Marco EX2010-02-02 14:04:10 +0000 #2
Louzhu Hello.

Previous few said, but also because it is difficult to find clear online video (not to mention down to), I mainly talk about the past two decades.

In recent years, looks better is this:

95 World Championships in China Chinese men's team final of the Swedish men's team, playing varsity China's turnaround, while we won, but it still took two minutes Laowa. Wang Tao was beaten too worried Bureau, and quite memorable.

99 years of World Table Tennis Liu Guoliang, Ma Lin on the finals, Ma Lin 2:3 to lose, very nervous playing in front of the last one council did not pass because of Marlene psychological counseling, and has been picked up Liu Guoliang of the leakage, short of success.

Next, is the 2001 Osaka World Championships, Wang Liqin wins 3:2 Kong Linghui, 0-2 behind to win a reversal. Team China beat South Korea in 2001 as exciting (especially Guozheng this Lectra Kim Taek Soo, Kuangzhui seven match points, arbitrarily trophy from South Korea grabbed the hands of over), the same regret is no place to download.

2004 Olympic Games, Wang Hao Ryu Seung Min wins is also worth watching, single-sided loop there will be no more common in fast-break win. Laowa last bit of glory 4:1 Ma Lin wins that field is also very good looking, Marin completely beaten senseless; another World Table Tennis Championships Guozheng 3:2 beat Boer also good that the market is to find where there is to see ways of looking at your luck.

2005 World Cup, Bohr even before Wang Liqin, Ma Lin, Wang Hao 3 customs, aspirations to the World Cup, are all 4:3 win, and quite wonderful. This video has a place under the. 2005 Tenth National Games Zhang Yining, Wang Nan Na Changqiu right is also very nice.

2007 world championships semi-final 4-2 Wang Hao Ma Lin, Wang Liqin 4:3 Ryu Seung Min, the final Wang Liqin Ma Lin 4:3, bones out of things, and pretty much more than 09 world championships.

World Cup Wang Hao Ryu Seung Min 4-0, take a look at four decades Hexi Hedong forty years. (Friends who are interested can also take a look at Bohr's World Cup Ryu Seung Min 4-0, 4-1 Ma, while not exciting, but more resistant to research.)

08 Olympic Games, Team Japan, Germany, absolutely wonderful (personal feelings than good-looking singles finals)!

2009 World Table Tennis Championships, 16 into 8 Marlene right Kenta Matsudaira, the semi-finals Wang Liqin Ma Lin 4:3, quite good looking.

11 Games team finals Guangdong's 81, the former two branches Zhang Chao, Zhang right, pairs of Wang Hao Ma Lin; Men's Singles Final Wang Hao for Malone, the women's singles semi-final against Zhang Yining, Liu Shiwen.

Level is limited, I hope you satisfied.
A bottle of Blue Erguotou2010-02-02 14:11:13 +0000 #3

Zhuang Zedong, Ekuni group, ancestors of that generation game. However, most opponents are former socialist countries.

Young Marshal:

Cai Zhenhua, that a group of men and women began to fight in the world of! Is also a turning point!

Young Turks:

Liu Guoliang against the world! ! Kong Linghui! ! Deng Yaping, Qiao Hong single doubles!

Outside it, those players are evergreen, they can accompany the Chinese team to play three generations oh

concrete where a really good, oh O (∩ _ ∩) O you laughing stock of the
saerdai122010-02-02 14:31:24 +0000 #4
I feel that Liu Guozheng that field of life and death battle against Kim Taek Soo is very classic
diobrando212010-02-02 15:42:06 +0000 #5
44 th and 45 th World Table Tennis Championships men's team finals. 2000 Athens Olympic Games Laowa right Guoliang, Kong Linghui Laowa right. 2004 Wang Hao Ryu Seung Min right



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