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Expert advice: pull the ball when the action is like? That's the pull ball racket trajectory?

1_Amani_12010-02-02 15:01:17 +0000 #1
Ask expert: pull the ball when the action is like? That's the pull ball racket trajectory?

If the opposite to fly over the ball on the table after the jump height is divided into three height:

1. Is less than 10CM height of the ball

2, around 10CM ball

3, higher than the 10CM's Ball

these three types of balls, if you want to pull back, the racket from the "go to bat" to "hit the ball" last "to leave the ball"

This is the moment the trajectory of the racket and the racket at various stages levels appear before the point of view?

Regardless of right or wrong answer, first, first, thank you for the positive response!
hei Snowman2010-02-02 15:15:45 +0000 #2
The site has teaching:
ufo_xxl_10172010-02-02 15:42:11 +0000 #3
TANG Jianjun video was good, very good.

In fact, in general, 45-degree tilt can pull the ball. Then the ball is the direction of impact and friction, and the higher the ball to the ball, the sharper, the more fat power forward. On the contrary, a little more on the upward and increase friction.

Pull the ball there is no fixed plate and movements, but generally large ones is the case.
The North wind and2010-02-02 15:09:52 +0000 #4
1, is divided into three stages can be high, but it can not be fixed, 10cm, depends on the other side is a topspin or backspin, or do not turn the partial topspin or sinking the ball.

2, batting in the three phases can be, depending on what kind of spin the other side.

If it is fast pulling forward setting type, to greet the former. The rotation angle of the ball depending on the degree of intensity, relying on personal feelings to adjust, no any fixed value.

Theoretical model: Assume that at this time you are making the shape legislation, namely, the racket with the tables in this pool for the degree bend angle, angle of incidence equals angle of reflection in accordance with the theory, if the rebound angle of 30 degrees, then touch the ball after the rebound angle of shooting the level of 60 degrees upward direction of flying (neglecting rotation contributing factors).

But the practice, we return to the ball more forward in the horizontal angle of about 20 degrees to 30 degrees or less, which will need to shoot type to lean forward in order to control the ball back to the angle to make it as much as possible has become a low arc.

Back to the ball hitting the highest point of the play is relatively Purdue, relatively stable, suitable for Fighter, loop.

Back to hitting the ball landing point is a force for introduction of a sledgehammer, Shen-style loop drive. Are mostly long-term.

Do not count shoot type, the theory of racket trajectory should be the highest point of the ball bounce down the arc tangent point of reverse curvature, taking into account the ball rotation, ball speed, strength properties of rubber and the bottom, back to the purpose of the ball, etc. such a combination of factors, it is an accurate value can not be measured only by the individual sense of practical experience.



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