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He He has to know yet? ? ? ? Tennis Puzzle problem

82,076,8332010-02-02 15:01:31 +0000 #1
a total of 10 table tennis, including the severity of a ball do not know, the other nine are the same weight, now we give you a balance that allows you to use three back to this do not know the weight of the ball to find out, ask how to find? ? ? Hehe
vincent__19892010-02-02 15:16:14 +0000 #2
can also be divided into four groups, namely group 1, 3, 2 Group 3, three groups, three, four, one.

Should first 1,2 group, said not the same as if the not the same as in the group singled out two and then said the same if the other is a bad ball, not the same words again and said casually look at a ball, they know. Then, if the same group, then 1,2, and called a group and three groups or two groups and three groups, not the same weight the same way as the words. The fourth group of the same words is a bad ball
free jiu good2010-02-02 15:09:40 +0000 #3
The first method is to light the ball three times to find out:

First of all, casually come up with four balls, balance scales put two on each, if the same weight, take the side of (an opportunity) then let's use four balls, balance scales put two on each, if still the same weight, get one side (two chances), now the remaining two balls, and put one on each ball, you find the light the ball of the (three opportunities) done!

The second method can be two times to find light ball:
, or come up with four balls, balance scales on each release 2, if we find not the same weight, the light out of that two years (an opportunity), then The two balls, weighing scales placed on each one, you find light ball directly to the (two chances) without getting behind will not have been!

Think about it is there are many types! Hei hei -----



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