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The most characteristic table tennis athletes?

Buddhist goddess Kwan2010-02-02 16:01:16 +0000 #1

jiancangfeng2010-02-02 16:13:22 +0000 #2
most prominent features is Wang Tao

Wang Tao, Wang left hand grip the racket, the positive and negative anti-health play, fast-break play ball with loop, especially the backhand of raw rubber, defensive counterattack " Tai Chi play "So far no one can do in table tennis area. Wang Tao, table tennis career over the years accumulated a wealth of tennis experience, the play of its raw rubber backhand proactive and forehand loop the ball moves fast break with a small, energy and raw backhand rubber close to the table made combining forces is the a highly coordinated play. This play, with Wang Tao, by virtue of his argument is a certain degree of talent and effort to develop. Because it is holding left-handed shot, Wang Tao, a classic tactic is the return of serve, when a long ball to take the initiative to rub each other's forehand wide-angle, the other side is usually held right-handed shot, and we can only pull the backhand slash to Wang Tao, Wang Tao immediately take advantage of backhand raw plastic pellets hit the ball, so that the other party no time to respond lose any points. Or defense to the other's backhand, so that the other side footwork not been able to move in place and a disadvantage.

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qq50403852010-02-02 16:36:07 +0000 #3
Deng Yaping
hei Snowman2010-02-02 17:14:06 +0000 #4
Wang Hao
565.67109 million2010-02-02 17:33:47 +0000 #5



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