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ATP is not enough competition for athletes to participate in what are the consequences?

Suzumiya Mei Xiang2010-02-03 08:02:10 +0000 #1
ATP official asked athletes to participate in 18 races a year, if the station number of athletes is not enough, ATP should be how to punish athletes do?
Love in the Baiyun Airport2010-02-03 08:08:49 +0000 #2
only said that statistics integral statistical integral

18 races in which there are several stations are integral enough to be a competition
, and does not require mandatory that everyone must participate in 18 events

ATP the method of calculating ranking points

Each player statistics over the past 52 weeks were within the 18 tournament points (participation in the year-end Masters Cup statistics 19)

This is 18 events are: the four Grand Slam, Masters nine points, five The top items of ordinary events

players to participate in other events points to become alternative, when the five best scores in a common event, there need to be deducted more than 52 weeks, the first six good results fill vacancies come

Note: In accordance with these principles, four Grand Slam Masters and nine stations will account for the term, does not play counted as 0 points. Other five events for the election count items, not all the players selected count items are five, 6-18 is possible, but it must be:

1. A low ranking, there is no short-listed Grand Slam main draw or Masters qualifications of elimination rounds to 2. Due to injury (must be approved ATP), did not sign (not including the application after the tournament back injury)

meet the above two conditions, one of the circumstances, the absence will count a few items, will increase the total number of election Item



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