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How buy tennis rackets?

Chinese officialdom2010-02-03 09:01:47 +0000 #1

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some beginner's friends often ask about the issue rackets are probably the two categories, one is just ready to fight, need to purchase the racket, which belongs to an indirect demand, after all, there is no racket could not start play; the other is already playing for a while, and now unable to meet the needs of the racket, need to re-purchase of the racket, which can be considered active demand. Here a simple description of the proposed acquisition of some of the racket, could require the acquisition of racket ball friend some help.

1, the racket price. This is usually a very sensitive area, but if you have not prepared a suitable budget, it is often difficult to select the corresponding price of the racket. My personal experience and shoot for a comprehensive selection of bat experience to help others I am probably the recommended budget are three block racket: 100 yuan file, files 400-500 yuan, 1,000 yuan or more files. These are the very basis and a very reasonable price range of three, hoping to be bought You pay attention to this shot the ball three intervals.

2, for friends just started playing the ball, most are not sure the future will play basketball again, will the fascination with tennis, would not insist on down after learning. At this time the best option is to buy about 100 yuan, and Taobao to buy a fake shot, looking like good-looking, in line with their own preferences, enough, this investment is the safest, and was safe. Tennis technology learning is a fairly long process, many people began to enjoy tremendous time, do not know to upgrade their skills through the first semester alone, that is a long process requiring patience, practice, boring training gave most people the last to give up on this very worthy of a lifetime are engaged in the sport. Many people do not enjoy the fun of tennis, it had already quit the project.

2, for economic strength, very good, the budget adequate, just started to play, finds that he can smash, because worship a star began his tennis career. This is also good to do, buy your favorite athletes in the same section racket, which is usually of some manufacturers, one of the best rackets, high performance, high price. Genuine price of most of the tennis racket in 2,000 yuan and above, but the discount usually six fold, but most people do not know the reserve price and profit selling racket degrees, many people in the store to make an 8-fold felt good enough In fact, slaughtered a lot. Many domestic large-scale network sporting goods dealer discounts are good for the channel golfers do not know, buy a six pack is much more cost-effective.

3, who already feel the charm of the sport and want to further improve the level of the budget in general the ball friends, this time to prepare 500 is reasonable. For this stage, the first thing you need is a full carbon racket, what carbon-aluminum, aluminum bats, first-line brand wilson prince babolat head of the racket price is lower than the 1000, are bad shot, these rackets are usually models are What is wilson ultra so attractive, but are in fact bad shot. At this time, there are two options: one, to the major tennis forums, such as tennis nets, power gene, 1st Movement, used the forum area, buying second-hand version of the top racket, often amateur, as long as the racket is not a wrestling beat or ill-treatment , usually a minimum purchase of these rackets have 1k-1k5 are Henai Xi, and amateur power will not be great enough to bring the extent of deformation of carbon fiber reach to see seller's racket pictures, choose the safe Alipay transaction methods are preferable, with 500 yuan can buy 6-7 into a new top-level racket, is very attractive. But the risk is there, with the payment of benefits is not satisfied with Po, express delivery to go back, there's nothing dangerous. 2, the purchase of his first movement's top racket for those generic models of the same model racket, these materials are carbon fiber, box-type hardness are doing similar, although the experience is not genuine, but the ball is still very good feeling, but also quite cost-effective.

4, for the level has a very good racket and skills together to progress, and buy a new racket enthusiasts at this time are usually sufficient budget, technology and preferences of those decisions. In such cases I can not give you effective recommendations, this time selecting the racket is the most difficult. I myself once because they do not go smoothly, do not know how to see parameters of one-year replacement of 7,8 racket only to think of that time felt ridiculous. Is now less burning racket, and a year-for-2, or very often do. After all, they need to adapt to a change of racket, easy to find technical shortcomings, and new ones are usually very active in fighting for some time, you can minor upgrade point technology. This time will have to look at the parameters of the racket to expect to see on the pitch they want the same style, you can try to buy the opportunity to play again not much, at least Xiamen is not much to be by looking at parameters and frame type, combining the characteristics of the major brands of racket, the racket of their choice. At least I have no way to get what I want new, try to play and then buy it, look at parameters are directly felt ok, bought. These rackets are not the problem, are the top there is a problem, are all our own technology, but customs is not a bad racket, only the bad technology. In the racket of more than 1,000 yuan, almost all the major brands of classic models of the latest, on behalf of today's racket technology, top-grade, bought on the refined techniques to concentrate and play well, do not blame the racket, to pick flaws in technology.

5, third line of the ball bat seven parts. What kind of racket to buy the ball line of such supplies is also worth to try a few more than the last one or two choices suited to their style of play, matching their own racket line. I have all the selected line of the ball once to buy a factory or asked a friend to buy a 10 20, the one with an average unit price lower. With threading costs, or lower than the shop to buy a lot. Secondly, the long-term hit a ball line, for technical stereotypes helpful.

6, the ball-you can be considered a conditional buy racket in Hong Kong, to a price lower than domestic, and secondly, there is no fake, three are generally 7 folding, and then the exchange rate 9, it's very cheap. Two months ago, care of friends to go to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and bought a wilson K-blade, the domestic price is 2499rmb, priced at 1800 Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong, China I asked to a minimum is 1300, the Hong Kong 7 fold so doing we can buy almost 1100rmb that the difference in some degree.

Simple suggestion is this, want to shoot the ball to be bought friends help

Reference Gulang Kikunami
Sasuke 3322010-02-03 09:31:17 +0000 #3
usual people there would give you about ah, if we really want to play, then selected the most expensive strategy
Ly9612252010-02-03 09:39:22 +0000 #4
players a sense of good, brand is not important, the most important thing is for themselves!



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