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The correct posture tennis swing

xiaobing_9122010-02-03 10:01:03 +0000 #1
play when the forehand, with a total feeling of hitting, the wrist, there would be a rotation, making racket after ball was cut, and do not feel the ball hit the racket after the heavy blow to a sense of, even if the is forced, the ball has no speed, and my playing companion, said: I do not see the racket face towards him, and I thought it was in the swing when the body does not coordinate,

self-learning, no one to teach, so why does not the fact that clear, where, under advice
zengxbw2010-02-03 10:03:00 +0000 #2
hit forehand when the first film to prepare in advance cited, followed by the inside of your arm towards the opponent's wrist to relax but do not move, swing Swing to the Before the hip is to keep the wrist does not move, forward your question is not enough to swing up collected.

The final key is to close shot, close shot of the feeling is like a windshield wiper, it is natural to receive the left shoulder, and with the left hand Fu Zhu.
Qin Ming-yue me the world2010-02-03 10:20:36 +0000 #3
wang11255552010-02-03 10:59:48 +0000 #4
yes when you hit the shot hit the upper surface lead to imbalances in hand but this is one way or another spin reversal process is the lack of bottom-up, if flipping a dip that part of the sweet spot, or to determine a bit error led forces did not hit the ball the whole of the play in the sweet spot

as far as possible up pulling the body center of gravity forward, of course we should try to pull down cited behind the film
lishiguao2010-02-03 11:32:10 +0000 #5
tennis backhand technique is

tennis forehand shot techniques:

The first is "ready" is the basis of

and then hit "drawing a beat" Do not want to be concise stiff

The third is "shot" is the most important aspect

The fourth is, "With the scrolls" Do what you can do it With the cool-Hui to rely on the natural inertia of the completion of

finally have to add a "Restore" it is a prelude to your next attack

ready posture: lower center of gravity, semi-knees, will focus on the front foot palm, easy to start judging. To determine the direction the ball is now in hand, the preparation swivel pull shot.

Swivel pull shot: the use of swivel to turn the racket shoulder and pulled backward, a sign of the completion of this action may be to you, the ball seems to go over the left shoulder is better.

Shot: racket ball contact point is the spatial location of the ball (not referring to the racket on the dessert). Forehand stroke point in the right front of the body, about waist height as the ideal.

Swing, and with the scrolls: When the racket after contact with the ball, so that the inertia swing continues with a racket sports, the direction of the ball can no longer be sent out to stretch and relax with the inertia of the right hand around the back to the top of the racket to the left shoulder.

Tennis backhand tips:

1. Tennis mental skills

practice, practice, practice. Have enough tactical methods to improve their physique, who worked hard to put into practice repeatedly the technology, it seems so that we will certainly be able to lay tennis. Most people focus on physical exercise outside, but neglected the practice of mental skills.

So what is the mental skills? Is to play the course to help you control the good mental and emotional processes or methods. It includes not only a good patience and a positive body language such as shallow requirements, but also implies a person's unique personality, such as self-esteem and physical grace, and so on.

Improve mental skills, although many people is not easy to understand, but it is fierce competition in every condition, must be achieved, exercises, strengthening, revision and testing content. Sports science research findings show that professional players on the mental skills exercises attaches great importance to a lot of essentials that they play has become an indispensable habits. Most casual players to play with little training in peacetime, to their minds, once devoted to the game, it will Huangbuzelu.

No matter what level player for good mental skills will help them to adjust their good actions, thoughts and feelings effectively to improve the game.


goal: the establishment of self-confidence

When the players have reason to win the game, they often will naturally revealed the self-confidence. A result, the more confident the more likely to obtain the real victory. For beginners, it can achieve the goal of a simple and direct them to establish self-confidence is the first step. Long as it can feel good about their game, they have interest in continuing to engage in this campaign, and always willing to spend effort to improve her skills. As long as from the outset to accept the correct method, a correct understanding of tennis, you can build an irrefutable self-confidence in the future.

Receive Certification Coach Training is the best channels for getting started. Coaches of professionalism and competition experience will allow you from the outset, the content of their own confidence in what they have learned. You can participate in one to one training, you can also take part in collective training camps - and their own practice with a comparable level of students, the stability of the game will go a long way.

To set short-term goals, and then be easily achieved, is to enhance self-confidence is simple and effective way. You can hit the ball on a particular skill set improvement plan, each time playing to concentrate on implementation. Has a stable and quite powerful shot, will make you behave more self-confident on the pitch.

For their own health, to build a more solid physical condition, one of the ways of gaining self-confidence. This includes improving the dietary habits and increase aerobic activity to improve muscle strength and body flexibility, etc. of the content. For beginners, the best way to build up their confidence to go on a training course.


goal: self-motivation

I started to play the game, you will unconsciously preoccupied with their own batting together. The mentality of this demanding, often losing one point that it will become more intense. In fact, in order to play the game its due level, do not want to focus only on results, and the more attention to himself every shot in the play.

Self-motivation is the easiest way to monitor the content of those himself. Obviously, if you always cheer yourself, say something encouraging, they would be constantly on the excellent performance; and you are always talking complain if even curse words, it not far from the crash.

The first step to improve the content himself, is in or after the match, sort out their own ideas emerged. The opportunity to fly a mind to play the ball, there a double fault to lose momentum ahead, or losing his own in the win in this game, when they happen, when, but also your mood changes and ideas than ever before.

The second step is that when the negative thoughts destroy the performance of your play until the time of their killing. Once you are aware of their negative psychological being, it is necessary to tell yourself, "paused", and re-focus attention to their set goals. In professional competition, we often see the players at a crucial moment to do deep breathing, or the finishing shot strings. In fact, the racket string bed, and there is nothing wrong, the players just want the simple activities to focus attention on its own a small matter, so as to avoid too much people to consider the result of tensions.

At one point after the end of the struggle to adjust his shot strings will help you re-focus.


goal: control of body language

at the level of the players, the most important is to own positive status shown. If there is active errors, or let opponents hit an unexpected strike in mind, your body moves through the frustration out inadvertently revealed to the opponent that "you have been defeated him." No matter what circumstances, if your performance is always outstanding high morale, it will clearly tell the opponent will be very hard to give him self-confidence with a heavy blow.

You need to first outlined in the minds of many of the active state of the external manifestations, such as the eyes focused and calm, confident, strong walk, lifted the head, and so on. Good players will use the success of the competition essentials, to help build their self-confidence enough to reach a positive body language. For example, raised my head, Ting Qixiong, walking with confidence; in a points battle, after seizing the racket with the non-holding clapped his hands - so that the film holding arm to rest and relaxation; customary smile in the game and enjoy the game itself. The adjustment between the sub-and sub-activity is essential, if you are in the upper hand, then to follow up the victory as much as possible maintain a high state of; if you are at a disadvantage, and frequently make mistakes, we should slow down their pace, take a deep breath a few , a good plan about how to play the ball back. At the time of serving, these essentials equally effective, and tapping the ball after a few sent out, the effect will be better. Negative body language not only makes you feel the spirit of decadence, but also increase the confidence of opponents to win.

Ready to face the net position, his legs move naturally separated shoulder width, knees peg-leg, waist slightly forward, clapped his hands with non-light-prop film grip neck, head and chin, shoot flush, elbows bending, stretching in front of the racket comfort, physical forward, the focus falls on the feet. When judging the other side in the direction of the ball flying toward your backhand, the light grip the neck of his left hand to help right-hand grip should be quickly transformed into backhand grip. Forehand the way, if use the Eastern forehand grip, or Western-style grip, playing the invoice should be changed to the corresponding backhand grip, or backhand is playing bad. Hands grip people, most of them also need to change grip.

2. Backswing cited

to the left shoulder turn the ball right to the left rear hip drive swing, his left foot turn left 90 degrees and the bottom line in parallel, while the left front on the right foot step, front of the net left shoulder, wrist tension, extension, clamping shoulders, his right thumb near the upper left leg. When the elbow after facing a natural bend, sag, shift the emphasis towards the rear feet. Backhand swing movement should be higher than the post-forehand backswing earlier completion. One-handed backhand, the left hand can be light-care beat neck, accompanied by the coordinated left turn movements; if hands backhand swinging his arms, need to be more fully swivel action, the right shoulder turned to the left of the net post.

3. Pre-Hui shot

from the back swing should be tightly into the forward swing the racket, wrist fixed, the right foot and network into a 45-degree angle, rotating shoulders, torso and hips, swing the ball, backhand to hit ball point should be the left side of the body in front of the racket in his right foot when batting should be a straight line. Hit the ball an instant, swing head waving the fastest, alignment to the ball to hit the ball now, elbows should be straight and flush the racket and hand, his eyes fixed on the ball. As the body center of gravity shifted from the rear foot forefoot. Backhand topspin swing, making the first track of its top-down.

4. With the wave for (follow-up)

the ball hit, the film surface parallel to the net more time as long as possible, swing the ball along the direction of flight, transfers, bat the ball forward with the distance is less than 60 cm center of gravity forward, landing right foot, the body has also turned the ball with the net, in the right shoulder at the top end of the swing, getting the first point to the top (cutting stroke is different), the completion of a good wave for help to control the ball with the drop - point and direction. With the swing after swing moves than for large and full swing to ensure the integrity and stability. The end of follow-up action with the Hui, the body turned to the net quickly to restore its original position ready to prepare the next shot.
Born small Cheung2010-02-03 12:06:09 +0000 #6
Tennis correct grip posture there are many, according to play different grip will be adjusted accordingly.

Use more and more suitable for beginners in general is the continental East both ways.

Continental applied to serve, hands backhand stroke, volley ball; East, applies to each forehand, high pressure ball.

Continental grip: the racket handle is an 8-gon of the cube. Continental grip a bit like holding a hammer, who clapped and alignment of the tiger's mouth above the surface 8, a face, 5 refers to a natural grip the racket, index and middle finger separated from a mean distance from the thumb placed in separate spaces. Palm closely aligns the bottom of the handle, the handle at the bottom should be slightly wider than the entire handle.

Oriental grip: basic hand-type the same. Only a tiger's mouth racket racket targeting the upper right side.

The correct grip posture helps stroke. Fine, if you can handle that wraps a layer of multi-Sweat-absorbent tape.



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