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When playing tennis, how to be who serve ah?

The so-called quiz2010-02-03 10:01:22 +0000 #1
Start to who should serve the overall game, but how determined?
bsuwd2010-02-03 10:14:14 +0000 #2
referee throwing coins, guess the party (A) can choose to serve first or the first return of serve, the other party (B) then the choice of ends; or (A) site selection, then (B) chooses to serve or the first return of serve; or (A) choose to (B) the first election, then (B) chooses to serve or return of serve, (A) site selection, if the (B) site selection, (A) to select the first serve or the first return of serve. If both sides exhausted in the choice of preparations in the race were forced to suspend (as rain), then the two sides return to the court shall have the right to re-make a choice.

I do not know can understand. This is a rather popular to say. The original rules of adjudication to be difficult to understand much more than this.
CYKRSTA2010-02-03 10:29:28 +0000 #3
with the racket rotation

to see who falls on the other side would have priority tee
wang11255552010-02-03 11:22:52 +0000 #4
party chooses to take the first tee, or hair, or other venue you can guess the decision to switch tempo to determine the two coins have the right to decide
Self-Gan mediocre2010-02-03 10:46:59 +0000 #5
tends to be used to switch shooting method racket pointing to a party the right to choose, or serve the ball, and sometimes also used the coin toss the rule of law. At the same time each Bureau, the serving side and catch the same side, the next Board re-exchange. See, Baidu Wikipedia, tennis.
TKD Family2010-02-03 12:30:01 +0000 #6
switch racket, two people guess the pros and cons, and then beat handle on the LOGO to see that it is against.

If you could not bear baby beat, we guess that coin bar, O (∩ _ ∩) O-
roger1852010-02-03 11:24:36 +0000 #7
cathy_ding08052010-02-03 12:00:45 +0000 #8
using coins or transfer beat ... Caidui of pre-emptive right to decide or the first pick ....



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