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Outlined the characteristics and the role of tennis

shirleyw1692010-02-03 10:01:35 +0000 #1
Tennis COACH2010-02-03 10:07:25 +0000 #2
1, tennis is the world's most popular sports items. Tennis has always been labeled "the aristocracy of Movement", "elegant movement" as well as the movement of civilization in the world. View important international tennis competitions, that many people leisure and vacation main content. Tennis makes a unique culture of the sport to become a modern society advocating the human way of life. There is a growing participation in tennis and cultural activities.

2, physical fitness, enhanced physique. Indoor and outdoor tennis is an aerobic exercise is one, due to busy at work all day, study and life, most of the time spent indoors, outdoors and need to do some outdoor sports, tennis is the best one of the options.

3, tennis can improve people's overall quality. Tennis impact on people's thinking and behavior. Any culture is a kind of value orientation, the provisions of the objectives pursued by the people, through the skills of tennis, psychology, norms, rituals and other requirements of the tennis culture mode of thinking, ethics, codes of conduct and organically integrated with one, to improve their overall quality.

4, tennis is one of the most fashionable sports. Tennis is very suitable for urban population. One would think that tennis is a gentleman's game, playing tennis often give people a gentle feeling. Right in time for the era of the most cutting-edge, ultra-life concept of cadres, white-collar class, and college students have to play tennis as a kind of fashionable. So, with the improvement of living standards, strengthening of people's health awareness, more and more people to participate in tennis fashion movement.

5, tennis culture has the role of a lifetime. Tennis can be carried out between men and women aged 3-90 activities, is not subject to age and gender. Young people can show their good physique, strong power and a fast run; children in the pleasure of playing tennis; seventies middle-aged and elderly people, according to their physical, psychological, physiological conditions, engage in appropriate exercise intensity. As the tennis intensity of physical activity and exercise can control and interesting can be fast or slow, may Zhang Chi, allowing the participants with enthusiasm and suitability for their intensity in the End of the equivalent of moving unconsciously miles journey finish exercise time. Achieved to improve health, enhance physical, strong physical and psychological purposes. Tennis confront every other network, does not belong to physical collision sports, can reduce the unnecessary harm. So tennis is also a sports items of all sports one of the longest life expectancy.

6, tennis culture is to cultivate people's qualities of honesty and trustworthiness. Amateur tennis activities are mostly non-referee system, under the trust game, athletes must be honest enough to say that out of bounds on strike or to strike out into the Definition of the performance are dishonest. Credit quality reflected throughout the entire tennis the whole process, while the tennis is the most embodies the quality of a person's faith is one of sports activities.

7, tennis is to cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation. Tennis match is very particular about the spirit of solidarity and cooperation sport. Between coaches and players, team competition and team-mate between the doubles partner should have a tacit understanding between the co-ordination. And this understanding from each player on the team with the spirit of collaboration. Especially in the doubles competition, would like to do in the game act in harmony, we must always respect and encourage the partners, especially in the errors after lose any points, we must dare to assume responsibility. This spirit of collaboration will greatly enhance the collective cohesion and combat effectiveness, and its effects upon the students into a community will naturally be most vividly evident. Zheng Jie and Yan Zi, such as access to the Australian Open women's doubles title, in addition to good technical and tactical things, get along with their 16 years of unity and harmony tacit understanding are inseparable.

8, tennis can help to cultivate a more self-confident state of mind. Self-confidence and self are two totally different concepts. Conceited is an unrealistic and self-confidence is based on careful study, modest and prudent, not afraid to exert themselves on the basis of difficulty. Psychological state in tennis game has an important factor in technology, competition between similar players, the mentality is more important. Tennis can train a person's psychology, exercise out of its competitors, and not because of other reasons affecting the normal psychological state of play.

9, tennis is a civilized, polite, elegant tennis and cultural etiquette. This culture comes from 100 years of traditional customs, managers manage and tennis crowd's wishes. Tennis etiquette is even more important. Players and the players, coaches, spectators have always treated with courtesy; tennis viewers could not move and the issue of the middle voice; modern tennis culture has retained the culture of this ancient tennis, courtesy and elegant nature, but also to enhance the modern tennis Popular culture, nature. Tennis in a civilized manner with courtesy regardless of a conservation athletes everywhere welcomed by everyone.

10, tennis can fully display their personality, physical and mental relaxation sports projects. White-collar workers are work pressure, academic pressure on students, young men and women have love problems, middle-aged marriage troubles, elderly people have chronic stress, how to ease the pressure has become a major problem of modern man plagued . Studies have shown that appropriate exercise can improve physical fitness and enhance the role of the immune system to strengthen. Therefore, to choose their own campaign and accompanied by adequate rest, is the ease the pressure, the best means of regulating immunity. In tennis, the need to remove all distractions and concentrate on, fast run ball, and vigorously smash and other activities can be a day of fatigue, distress, etc. sway too clean, and so completely relaxed physically and mentally, especially in a good hit out ball, hit a ball should not mistake, you can be fully Paohou, jumping, throwing racket and so on, the release of your personality temperament.

11, playing tennis to fitness, good health is to lay a good foundation for tennis. Any of a sport associated with the project have a chain of human anatomy science, sports psychology, nutrition and other subjects are interlinked and mutually reinforcing. Tennis is no exception. Both adults and children, was learning to play tennis work hand in hand, are designed to be able to exercise and learn. Tennis can enhance the blood circulation system improvements, consumption of excess calories, heart and lung function improved, it can increase the immune capacity, enhance disease resistance, and speed recovery from illness, to improve health, enhance physical fitness, enhance physical and psychological purposes. This is a game of tennis can be the starting point of fitness, once the person on the technical and combat skills of tennis there are about mastery through the tennis was happy to see their victory, and love the game, the play and further raise their technological level but merely that the norms of action is not enough. This requires a good physical basis.



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