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I was on boys forces, the election that racket

いいwrestling2010-02-03 11:01:20 +0000 #1
wilson n5 110

Head size: 110 square inches

Racket Weight: 259 grams

Racquet Length: 27.25 inches

balance: 6pts pat head shape

Material: 20% nano - high-density carbon / 80% nano-carbon fiber

racket Hardness: 55 (0-100)

border thickness 22mm Straight Beam

Mains skip: 53-63 lbs

Line-bed mode: 16x20

wilson n fury

Head size: 101 square inches / 645 square centimeters

Length: 27 inches

Material: Mixed carbon fiber

balance: 35 inches

blank shot weight: 273 grams

threading mode: 16 × 20

Mains skip: 54-64

Wang Yu said n5 store is not too light and I is not it?
weiwin002010-02-03 11:13:22 +0000 #2
must be selected in these two beat, then I choose wilson n fury

racket 100-105 more appropriate. 110 The above is running for the ladies or the elderly less design.

If you want a good playing the tennis, a sweating, fun tennis experience, I personally recommend 100-105 square inch of the film surface.

Best to buy carbon fiber, full carbon racket.

Carbon racket less vibration than other materials, good effect in reducing tennis elbow and other sports injuries helpful, but only a small help

290g weight of the racket of the beginners are relatively modest.

Too light or too heavy a racket, you will play a very strenuous.

General 250g racket about the ladies shoot, too light will lead to reproduction, and the inability to play the ball. Because there is no weight.

General 330g is a more professional about the weight of the racket.

Professional athletes, custom version of the racket will be even heavier.

I am also a male. Played tennis for several years. Now in Japan, to play tennis.

I am beginner when the racket, 300g, making surface 100 square inches. Full Carbon.

Coach helped me elected. He said the novice was suitable.

By the way, Wilson n series of racket too old!

Is the technology of the 6 years ago! ! I hope you are not the person Wang Yu stores Huyou ...

Wilson n series, 2006 series out of the K factor

Moreover, in January 2010, but also out of the latest BLX series, although it may be more expensive, but the K series n series is absolutely good! !

This is sincere. .

I hope you happy to play tennis.
bh_prince2010-02-03 11:43:35 +0000 #3



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