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Novice can use Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 models do?

olivertsang2010-02-03 12:01:09 +0000 #1
I am a novice to practice soon, will now hand in hand in the traditional forehand

backhand is currently studying double reverse, but it is still very bad

pairs of counter-current power is not good, has also been practicing power, but not see results, coach Now let my body forward as far as possible, with the body to pressure the ball, so hit the ball a little bit powerful.

Is now the primary player using a Prince of the racket (Airo Elite, when 260 to buy money, even made three film package), using up the general feeling.

I secretly used someone else's Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 tried, the feeling hit, ball, citing film, forces are still good, the key is to use them comfortable. (Secretly used and did not dare, and the coach said)

I want to ask, regarding the novice for Mody?

I am concerned, if not suitable, would be so wrong to play tennis elbow, or my tennis technology will stagnate or even worse?

Professional of the respondents, I have plenty of points, I answered a good extra points (initially for 50 hours, if the reply adopt a serious attitude, and be able to solve the problem, I have an additional score)

copy and paste my direct contempt

weiwin002010-02-03 12:05:52 +0000 #2
First, the first question, Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 is very suitable for beginners to use.

(Later detailed Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 parameters and interpretation)

the second question, you have some understanding of tennis elbow is not in place.

Tennis elbow and other injuries and racket indeed be some relationship, but only 5-10%.

Major damage due to hit the ball moves, and hair force method.

So, do not have to worry about the rackets used in tennis elbow and other injuries will lead to,

to focus on the technology, all eyes on the ball movement and fancy enough.

Tennis technology will increase as you practice the more skilled.

Regular Lianqiu, intentions practice techniques, and actively running, it will only make you a better game.

Not go back because you used the deterioration of this racket.

Moreover, Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 is very nice.

I have tried Babolat Pure Drive GT 09, a good fight. The first is very comfortable playing together, that is, feel good! This is the key. A penny a cargo! (Later referred to material and feel)

I am now in Japan, playing tennis, I have a female predecessors, she is using Babolat Pure Drive GT 09

She played very well Oh!

There is still the same as a year with my boys, using a Babolat Pure Drive Roddick version, 315 grams.

So Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 is well known, with many people, the evaluation is also very good.

I use the Wilson Pro staff 88, is the different types of rackets.

Well, the following explains why it Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 for you.

Babolat Pure Drive GT 09

Head size: 100 / 645

belonging to medium-sized racket. Suitable for all levels of people.

Is very suitable for beginners. Film surface is not too large nor too small, so that makes you want to eyes carefully watching the ball, can hit the dessert, a good thing.

Andy Roddick is to use the Babolat Pure Drive series, the film surface is 100,

Li Na is to use the Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 (at least looks like yes, probably would be a bit player version of the special production)

Therefore, the level of increase does not matter, still -100 square inches of film with the surface is very mainstream.

Length: 27 inches / 69 cm

of this there's really nothing, but most of all the length of the racket.

Blank shot Weight: 10.6 oz / 300 g

this weight can be considered secondary, that gives you proper racket power, but not so heavy scrolls unchanged.

Professional player's racket is heavy Oh -370 grams, 400 grams of all the Oh - they are monsters. .

Threading Weight: 11.2 oz / 318 g

balance: 5pts Head Light

balance is the first light, or head-heavy. This is a five nods light racket compare the close to balance. Suitable for beginners.

The first very light racket, such as the balance of 310mm, is a nine nods light racket, the racket is very professional.

The first light, then shoot the first speed, so play the ball speed.

The disadvantage is that requires a lot of strength.

Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 close to balance, so they need hair force, but not too tired.

Swing weight: 327

racket Hardness: 70

shoot Box Width: 24

Material: Graphite Tungsten

This is the Babolat's exclusive technology, high-quality carbon, will bring a better feel, what you say very comfortable! Damping effect is also very good! So, will reduce the chances of tennis elbow and other injuries.

Intensity levels: low - in

this is the strength of that beat, not human strength.

User's power level, and beat the power of the level of the opposite.

But you do not worry, Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 to magnify the effect of force very well, because the width of a film frame 24mm. Principle I do not understand why, but the short film box the more narrow, leveraging effect of the more well, we should force their hair.

I patted the ball frame width is only 17mm, so I am forced to play. . Leia. .

Swing speed: Medium - Fast

swing speed of course, the sooner the better - the faster the swing, the ball is faster.

Handle Paper: Syntec Grip

nothing to say.

Line of beds: 16 * 19

has nothing to say. Most of the case.

Pull poundage: 50-66

By the way, under the pounds, pounds higher to play the more laborious, require more strength of human hair. Because when you say the power weaker, so best not more than 55 boys, too hard, playing immobile.

Girls 51,52 on it.

Oh, OK is not too soft. More than 40, then to beat bad, right arm is not good -呵呵

up to now no ask, then you are boys or girls? Are some differences between boys and girls, it should be the first to say -

bat must find a suitable own. This technology and the continued interest in tennis great help.

Amount. He He said so much. .

Give you some small suggestions ah .. to look at other people playing the action, the best looking coach. Looked to imitate, improve soon Oh! The places must not move to ask coaches, especially in the wrist can not be multi-purpose, will get tennis elbow.

Therefore, to force the body with a waist rotation force to tell you ..

Finally the domestic Babolat Pure Drive GT 09 cost will be around 1,000 yuan.

Too cheap Chinese fakes is definitely fake .. careful ah. . Do not forget the-money. .

I wish you happy playing tennis - a question of me, oh -



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