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The general single length and width of the tennis court how much? ? Do not stipulated by the state s

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Which to use less complicated. Singles venues length: 11.88 × 2m. Width: 8.23m
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1, plastic (synthetic)

on behalf of the Australian Open in Melbourne is the center court and Miami. 88 years, the transformation of the venue in Melbourne the surface will be converted into hard site, and the top covered with a layer of rubber, commonly known as Rebound Ace. The rubber, the elasticity excellent rebound the ball fall to the ground is high, and because the surface of elastic coefficient k is small, the role of the ball with the site longer, which is similar to the soft site, while the rubber surface is also mixed with the plastic particles inside , increasing the surface friction coefficient μ, the role of the above two factors, so that rubber ball field is relatively slow.

Due to the high elastic and slow, in the above play a slight edge is the bottom line type, from 88 years to 2003, the bottom line-and Internet-based ratio of 11:5 champion Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, winner of more than is 4:2, while in 2000 the classic is still a battle to obtain rare reversal. These are closely related and site performance. In this space game, ball still has advantages, but not obvious, on the bottom line of the ball spin is much more powerful film stalemate appeared, a number of clay players above may also be a good play, such as 90 years and 97 years of Munster Moya. The specific details of the wars in the final 95 sanga, are described in detail.

It is worth mentioning that there will always be user said 90 years was slower than that of the ball now, because of the racket has changed to the group. Changes in racket technology, in 85 years has brought a revolutionary change, indeed, the ball is increased significantly. But in the 90s, science, technology updates have been manifested mainly in the amateur racquet, the right professional players do not significantly affect the. The fans come to the ball is 90s slower, probably twice a transformation of the stadium in Melbourne to bring misunderstanding.

88 years, the golf course hard by the grass instead of plastic, in 2000 conducted a large-scale transformation, although they are still plastic surface, but the ball was much faster. So, when we look at the Australian Open review program, see the 90's Australian Open match, then it is hard to slow, while the contrast of the race the past few years the Australian Open is clearly much more slowly. But only the venue changes in results, does not mean the ball is now in racket technology, driven by much faster than in 90 years. If we look at Wimbledon 90 years a review will find the ball is faster than it is now, because when the grass longer than it is now. The U.S. Open has also experienced the transformation of the center court, the same reason. 90 years, is a laser gun, the measured average of 3 points, and now is the use of the Doppler effect radar instrument, measuring the speed of the fastest shot with gun comparison of the data also shows the problem. Only one thing is sure, the modern forehand movements universal application, thus rendering it more efficient hand-made power, in the speed of acquisition at the same time, spin is definitely stronger than before.

2, concrete (concrete)

on behalf of the United States and that the net Ashe Stadium U.S. Open Series tournament venues. This is often said that the cement market. But we fight bare cement market, the official race there is a thin layer above the plastic mulch or a color coating, covering the nature of the decision by the ball rebound height and speed. This site, in all the hard ground is the fastest, because elasticity coefficient k large, the vertical component of kinetic energy of a great loss, so the ball does not bounce too high (relative to the Australian plastics and other places), and because the surface is relatively smooth, the ball landing is obvious that the forward channeling (Plastic and land the ball is obviously a standstill phenomenon). The North American summer season, is the Internet's happy hour, in the fast hard court, serving a powerful destructive power, where the security is more clearly grasp the volley. 90-02 years, Internet users here took nine Gold Cup, Sampras is maintained right here, Agassi's four straight victories. There will be detailed comments later.

But have to say, this site is the most uncomfortable venue, is a major player Zhaoduan lower extremity injuries. Although there are more ornamental, can enjoy an elegant access to the Internet, we fans should not forget the players feel.

3, the carpet.

Indoor season, the main stadium, such as the Paris Masters Cup, 90's year-end tournament in Germany. Relative first two venues, our fans might be familiar with carpet, see less playing less. Media habits of carpets and hard to confuse. If the plastic is biased to land hard, the carpet is like grass hard. However, the gap is still very obvious. First of all, foundation formation, carpet performance, even, the ball is bouncing in the above rules. There are carpets have great friction, the ball is slower than the cement surface, but the ball bouncing in the above low and watching the ball the fans could watch the ball very slow, but those who feel that the ball hit the floor before some of channeling. Thus, on the carpet often have 160 km of Ace, serve good people, especially the ball impact point advantage tricky. At the same time, the ball bounce low, in the hit through the ball must be made up from the bottom edge over the net Jizhui This is detrimental to, together with the ball is a little slow, Internet users have enough time to come to the net displacement of the election bit, the net interception success rate is the highest. The bottom line here, too type players can have a good play, but the clay-court players in general is not appropriate.

The present situation, in the indoor season, the most successful people are Boris Becker, on the carpet, Pete Sampras, Becker faced a slight underdogs, when, it is memorable is the year-end championships two of the heavyweight fight, a pity only to find video clips, be nice to be able to Yibaoyanfu!

4, Grassland:

representatives of Wimbledon. This is a fantastic venue, expensive venues, elegant venue, but also fast disappearing venues. On the one hand, economic factors, on the one hand who are familiar with it fewer and fewer people.

Grass friction is the smallest, bouncing is the lowest (hard places 3 / 4). The ball fall to the ground, with a clear slip phenomenon, which makes the players ready to hit the ball the time greatly reduced. Beginning of the grass cover uneven, as the race progressed, ryegrass roots off and land on exposed areas, where the friction will increase. In addition, the foundation is also uneven. Therefore, rebound the ball on the grass very rules, which requires players to be familiar with the turf performance, on the one hand, there is a very good pre-sentence and resourcefulness of the agile, on the other hand, as many as possible with the chopping and volley. Chopping the grass on the other sites have more than a threat, but the intercept on the grass is not very easy. Because the ball back and forth fast, online time is not sufficient, even up to the net before the face of much faster than any other venue the ball back to the body means the adjustment is also very short, and intercept of the grasp is not very high (compared to carpet) . Even Patrick Rafter and Pete Sampras are often incredible mistakes. But the grass has to be more than the Internet, if the stay in the bottom line, handling the ball bounce landing more difficult.

Grass most favorable point is to serve the power of an infinite zoom. Here, the same is 180 kilometers serve, return of serve on one hand, the difficulties to be much larger, the ball through the grass of the friction velocity losses are small, while high bounce is lower, leaving the catcher's reaction space is really very small. Here, Ivan, Philip,克拉吉赛克have ample opportunities for such heavy artillery. The bottom line type is not nothing that war, but only those who build modest, reflecting the sensitivity, the return of serve to predict extraordinary player, the ball can be used to the power of leveraging the power, complemented by the creation of a fast run across the opportunity to be reach the peak. Andre Agassi, Borg is the bottom line of successful players. However, Agassi Pete Sampras and Boris Becker on the two major loss, also shows that the grass is invariably serve the masters of online players. After 25 years from the Borg, Connors won the bottom line type only Andre Agassi and Hewitt.

5, soil field,

broadly speaking, includes a real sand sites and the use of similar materials made of space as well as synthesis of the venue. The correct name for the venue should be soft. Although the construction of maintenance costs are very expensive, but the foot feels soft and the consequent protection of players, making this venue has recently regained human favor.

The first dump is to use sand made. Low cost, and there is the land of comfort. Now in Latin America and other less-developed areas has also been widely constructed. However, the natural drainage of land is a big problem.

To the beginning of this century, Europeans invented the quick-drying facilities, that is, the venue or the end of the surface covered with a layer of broken bricks and ash and other items, so that water will soon be infiltration, the surface will dry much faster pace. Southern Europe in a relatively dry surface mulch also a relatively thin thickness of more.

Ocean side, the Americans invented the green earth field, that is the local production of natural green space paved on the surface of crushed stone, rather than brick, as the end of Europe. Both the venue is now known as dumping site. In the rains are poor or underground seepage areas, drainage can be to build an underground drainage system to solve; in dry areas, the opposite is necessary to build an underground irrigation systems.

The third "dump" is the plastic space, it is made of natural materials, synthetic materials to replace the surface of the laying of the venue. Cost may be high, but the maintenance cost is very low, without regard to drainage issues. And the surface roughness can be reduced by adding rubber particles to achieve the color also has a number of options. This site speed is not fast, the speed of the thickness and surface roughness of the decision, both for the Internet is also suitable for bottom-line-type play

as the central station's "live," Land is our most familiar and most enthusiastic fans of the venue, and I've also translated an article on land, so I will not repeat them here. But added that the difference between the land is also great, like Rome, Hamburg and Paris in the land is not the case. Hamburg champion is difficult aspirations to Paris, the venue was a great cause. There are a variety of venues on the hardness of the sun affect the greatest impact is the field of the earth. 96 years of chopped Bruguera Sampras, Jim Courier (as in today's chopped Ku Erteng Federer, Ferrero) into four strong, there is another two Internet-based players also entered the four strong, are Beit day of thanks. However, the owner remains Dump inherited Borg play in Top Spin, and occasionally have an excellent network before the king, will be captured in their final down.

A standard size of a long tennis court land covers an area of not less than 36.6 meters (north-south length) × 18.3 (East W) m, this size is a standard tennis net or four weeks Weidang interior wall buildings, net size. In this area, the effective standard size doubles venues are: 23.77 meters (length) × 10.98 m (width), in each end line should leave room for the post not less than 6.40 meters, in the outside edges of each stream there should be room for non - is less than 3.66 meters. In the court with net post, the two column center measurement, column spacing is 12.80 meters, net post to the top is 0.914 meters above the ground.

If two or more contiguous built two parallel tennis. Adjacent site is not less than the distance between the edges 4.0 meters. If it is indoor tennis courts, outside the end line 6.40 meters above the clear height of not less than 6.40 meters, an indoor roof clear height of the ball online space of not less than 11.50 meters.



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