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13 session of the China Sports Federation, Hubei Province tennis competition was in 2010 a few month

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13 session of the China Sports Federation, Hubei Province tennis tournament in 2010 10 Jingmen month, held in the city (exact date to be determined).

Entry project is divided into groups of classes (ie, amateur) and the competition category.

4, and the race item:

(a) Youth category (18):

table tennis, badminton, tennis, gymnastics, diving, rowing, canoeing, track and field, swimming, shooting, soccer, basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling, judo, taekwondo, martial arts.

(B) of the group classes (37):

1, colleges and universities (11): athletics, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, shuttlecock, martial arts, aerobics, bridge, orienteering

2 ethnic minorities (3): kick the ball, playing top, high-foot racing

3, the public security police (2): shooting, an armed off-road

4, farmers (4): Chinese chess, fitness Yangko, dragon, militia Military 3

5, workers (13): Fitness Dance (Bashan dance, fitness Yangko, fitness ball), mass sports compose, table tennis, basketball (3), fitness, sports, dance, tennis, bowling, bridge, chess , Chinese chess, fishing, croquet

which compose the mass sports, table tennis and fitness in the fitness dance Yangko project is responsible for organizing the provincial trade union competitions; other projects by the provincial Sports Bureau, responsible for organizing the contest.

6, persons with disabilities (4): track and field, swimming, weightlifting, table tennis

5, the athletes Eligibility:

(a) Youth category

1, Hubei residence of age teenage students.

2, the medical department for examination upon proof of good health and qualified.

3, athlete registration requirements

(1) Athletes must follow the "provincial transport cycle of 13 athletes qualified for registration management approach" (E-Town Youth 〔2007〕 4) documents and the relevant provisions of the registration. Holds Provincial Sports Bureau issued a "competitive athletes in Hubei Youth Sports Registration Form" to participate in competitions.

(2) This cycle, registered a total of three times, the first time in April 2007; for the second time in 2007 the projects young people across the province before the annual competition; and the third from March 1, 2008 -31 days, yes the projects complement the youngest age group athletes registered. Other times no registration.

(3) The registration of players eligible for macro-management of the Provincial Sports Bureau, the Sports Management Center is responsible for organizing the implementation of the project, the provincial body to assist Division.

4, the age requirement for players of all projects in accordance with rules of order

the age to participate in competitions.

5, cities, state, provincial-controlled city, forest sports (sports) is responsible for athletes who participate in the competition under the jurisdiction of the strict qualification examination.

(B) population type

1, athletes must meet the following requirements:

(1) institutions of higher education: the need to hold their schools participating student identity card, proof of student status, and student athletes of certificate of registration materials.

(2) Ethnic groups: above the county level must hold the seat of the national Religious Affairs Bureau issued a minority identity and the public security department issued identity cards.

(3) police officers: must hold a competition-owned unit of work permits and identity cards issued by public security departments.

(4) Peasants: must be a region of farmers, fishermen, agricultural three (forest, tea plantation, fruit market), state farms, township enterprises employed persons (including the township of individual traders) and to hold public security department issued by residents ID.

(5) employees: In addition to sports dance part of the project group, the other projects participating employee must be at least 18 years of age (birth dates are limited to race each project protocols), and holds entries subordinate units and public security departments work permits issued by resident status card, and October 1, 2009 prior to eligibility for registration (Bashan dance, mass sports compose, fishing exception). Dancesport by the Statutes of individual sub-age group eligibility.

(6) persons with disabilities: must hold a certificate of disability issued by the seat of handicapped people and the public security department issued identity cards, which do not meet the minimum disability rating criteria, those with no qualifying.



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