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Beginners how to learn tennis?

__ cold尛2010-02-03 13:01:10 +0000 #1
I do not have tennis courts, tennis and no other companion, nor could the wall opposite the play - -.

I have a rope with a tennis, there are tennis race.

With a rope tied to what kind of things?

There are tennis basic movements that? (Including the upper and lower spin, slice, etc. play the ball according to 。)
12309845762010-02-03 13:17:02 +0000 #2
I have beginner, playing for over a year, I feel that the first lay a solid foundation, action must be a beginning specification, then to more practice to look at. The best time to practice the full warm-up, on-line there teach you how to warm-up video. Especially the feet, warm up fully to the pace of a flexible, tennis, half of play by foot. There is no space on the front of the wall when I practice in general, on-line also has videos to teach. The second is to look at to see that tennis tutorial cctv's pretty good, Wang Yue coach. Then also see more competition, even if the domestic, and can spend more money for more grand slam tournament of the high-definition video, looking at that is cool, and sometimes felt by not only playing, but also be able to see it. I wish you a happy
small X and small Y2010-02-03 13:49:46 +0000 #3
there is no tennis court is really inconvenient to learn tennis

simply can not learn anything

with a rope that is not feeling
wang11255552010-02-03 13:18:55 +0000 #4
Practice point the amount of which only the basics are familiar with the ball of the Bounce the ball on the ground more than Dianqiu Bounce the ball with the racket he can practice his swing is not recommended action with the line Well better to find a beat no place to play ball is not one person playing to practice out of ah



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