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2010 Novak Djokovic will participate in the game

_____ Stay small dry2010-02-03 14:01:40 +0000 #1
another time and place, defending champion, ATP will participate in the world's top 10 other people.

Thank you啦.
Love in the Baiyun International Airport2010-02-03 14:06:55 +0000 #2
Reuters small kings Novak Djokovic of Serbia at the individual's official website has recently announced its own entry in the first half year 2010 plans, compared to the peak in 2009, a years, had played 97 games Novak seems to assimilate the idea of "lessons", especially in the clay season is still arranged in a row play for three weeks in Rome Masters - Serbia Open and Madrid Open three races.

Obviously, if he still wants the same year into the two finals and one semi-final words, physical depletion of the small German will no doubt be at this year's French Open on nothing.

Specific schedule is as follows:

January: Kenyon Classic (exhibition properties); Australian

February: the Rotterdam indoor tournament (500 game); Dubai Championship (500 game)

3 months: Davis Cup World Group first round (Belgrade Arena); Indian Wells Masters; Miami Masters ah

April: Monte Carlo Masters; Rome Masters

May: Serbian Open (250 game); Madrid Open; French Open

In fact, after the British media have confirmed that Germany would be a small interval of one year and then returned to London, played the Queen's Cup, so the Serbs from June to August can also be essential to determine the schedule, but also includes the Queen's Cup , Wimbledon, Toronto Masters, Cincinnati Masters and U.S. Open, and if the Serbian team in the Davis Cup World Group first-round home victory over the U.S. team, then he will also no doubt in mid-July on behalf of the motherland play for 1 / 4 finals. Calculated according to this screening, then Novak Djokovic during the peak level of 2010, I am afraid that will be comparable to 2009.




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