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Introduction tennis proficiency test standard system

yxm78556602010-02-03 15:01:22 +0000 #1
1. Requires professional to answer

2. Introduction tennis proficiency test standard system development, from scratch, from imperfect to perfect the process of

3. The current domestic and international as well as other tennis proficiency testing standards system of

4. proficiency testing standards for professional tennis and amateur tennis proficiency testing system, standard system for

hope to have an expert at these levels, the wing, will feel grateful.

If you do not know all, some can also be introduced. The more specific the better
wang11255552010-02-03 15:03:42 +0000 #2
United States NTRP tennis rating criteria

NTRP (National Tennis Rating Program)


Features the primary level: beginner (including for the first time to play tennis in person).


features: play time is not long, but also occupied solely in filling the ball back and forth fight.


is in hand: swing movement is incomplete, not easy to control the ball direction.

Backhand: reluctant to use the backhand catch, and occasionally take look or feel unsure.

Serve / return of serve: Serve movements are incomplete, drop instability, often double fault; easy to mistake the return of serve.

Network ago: the awareness of the Internet has not taken the initiative, and not with backhand volley, net and can not keep up the pace.

Features: Although positive, the backhand has obvious weaknesses, it has a preliminary understanding of single, doubles the basic stations.


is in hand: Action has been improved, starting to slow pace of exchange that.

Backhand: grip there are problems, its lack of hitting early, like to use the forehand to the backhand to pick up the next ball.

Serve / return of serve: swing movements tended to complete, may issue a slow strike, drop remains stable; can be connected and fast enough to serve.

The net: the net uncomfortable, especially the backhand volley, forehand side often used to play backhand volley position.

Features: with a comparable level of people can play several rounds of slow exchange that, but it is difficult to cover the entire site. Can take the initiative to lob the ball, but it can not control the ball height and depth; Guo Dingqiu can hit, but was not sure whether they can play well. Doubles, will not adjust the stations.


is in hand: There is good stability, has been largely able to control direction, but the lack of batting depth.

Backhand: Can early preparation, you can play a relatively stable medium-speed ball.

Serve / return of serve: serve the rhythm began to come out, but the strong serve, poor stability, significantly slower than the Yi Fa Fa 2; return of serve more stable.

Network ago: forehand volley has been relatively stable, the backhand of some poor, low-ball and the ball far from the body is still a headache.

Features: You have to play a relatively stable medium-speed ball, but not very comfortable with every shot. In controlling the depth and strength of the shots appeared to be inadequate Shihai. Be able to pick more stable golf. Doubles with fellow war bit combination is basically a front and rear, the Internet is not active, the net attack power is also weak.

Intermediate level


is in hand: be able to play a stable and there is a change in the speed ball, hit the ball well to control the direction of the spin raise the level.

Backhand: Huizhong speed can control the direction of the ball, but not dealt with properly golf, fast ball.

Serve / return of serve: start to control the impact point and the afterburner, but also issued a topspin; be able to serve a steady medium-speed access and control the direction the ball back.

Network ago: the Internet a more positive, the pace is correct, can intercept the part of the body far from the ball. Forehand volley and stability, the backhand is not ideal. Then the other side volley there were difficulties.

Features: For medium-speed control over the direction of the ball has been good, but the depth and changes in the batting is not enough. Stable in running to fight it Guoding Qiu began to be able to access with the ball and let the ball bounce the ball and playing. 2 fat basically can control the impact point. Doubles in the net and more positive coverage of the site and with fellow co-ordination capacity is also improving.


is in a high level of hands: batting has been fairly confident, hit back at the speed the ball deep, and can deal with difficult to pick the ball.

Backhand: Can a stable ball hit back at medium speed, we can add spin, but also depth.

Serve / return of serve: Yi Fa, and be able to control the placement of two fat, Yi Fa force big band spin serve; return of serve stability, and very rare active failures; singles deep return of serve, return of serve doubles according to needs change.

Network ago: forehand volley to control and depth, the direction of the backhand volley, but there is a lack of depth, learn to volley the ball far from the body and low-tennis

Description: has been able to play confidently in medium-speed is, the backhand sideline ball, can also be Control of the depth and direction of shots. Be able to seize the opportunity to score, or opponent's weaknesses play ball. Have been using the lob ball, put a small ball and volley techniques, but some of them can score the ball. Serve occasionally can score directly. In a multi-shot in see-saw exchange that may be due to insufficient patience and lose any points. Be able to grab the doubles in the net, with the ball the Internet, also obviously be able to meet with their peers. Level to achieve this level of player, in the current (Chinese) national amateur tennis tournament in general can get rank.


is in hand: Very confident, make full use of speed and spin, good depth of control, hit back in speed ball attack.

Backhand: Can control direction and depth, but when forced errors, speed the ball can be hit back in the afterburner.

Serve / return of serve: Serve an offensive force, it could also use the power and rotation; 2 hair can be sent to the desired location, very rare double fault. Be able to take a good strong opponent serve; be able to seize the opportunity the other two become soft, depth and impact point of playing the ball back.

Network ago: Can continuously intercept each other's back to the ball, the pace of place, the backhand volley to control the direction and depth of the power of the net to the severity of the use of combination. Often make mistakes, or pull shot Dongzuoguoda.

Features: to have consciously played an offensive force in the drop-penalty (if the backhand-bit) with the ball after the Internet, and to rely on a continuous volley or high-pressure scoring. Hit the ball faster and can avoid their weaknesses, but in dealing with often difficult to pick the ball too much hair strength. Team will play a variety of changes in the ball and began to adjust to different opponents for each disc rhythm; doubles to advance to determine the net return to the ball even more offensive power, begin to control the game.

Advanced Level 5.0

are in hand: In the strong shots to control the direction, depth and rotation, placement of accurate, can take advantage of being hand-made offensive advantage; also need to play according to the ball of light.

Backhand: Can the stability of the offensive play ball, in most cases able to control the direction and depth, and have a different spin.

Serve / return of serve: the other's weaknesses can be sent to the location for the attack to gain advantage; be able to confidently change in service; 2 hair can take advantage of depth, rotation and placement of the opponent returned the ball soft, for their next shot to do preparation; a good return of serve to control the depth and rotation, and can choose and vigorously attacked according to the situation or deceleration.

Network ago: intercept depth, speed and direction can be difficult to intercept the ball to a depth of; be able to seize the opportunity to rely on intercept score.

Features: Players right to advance the ball can make a good judge of the key goals in the game often have outstanding performance and to be able to win key points. Be able to play a steady scoring the ball, the ball can be picked up and defuse the other side of the volley ball, but also successfully lob the ball, put a small ball, playing ball and high ball rebound. According to changing circumstances opponents tactics, doubles, act in harmony with their peers. As experience increases, unlike the 4.5 player as easily lost to themselves; compared with the 5.5 player, losing more due to psychological or physical reasons.


characteristics: strength and stability (or either) has become a major weapon in the level of player. According to opponents of the drop, stations, and Latin American film and other movements to judge for themselves in advance to prepare the next shot attack. In the fierce competition in the energy change of tactics and style, in moments of crisis to hit the ball with confidence.


Characteristics: This level of players in general high schools and universities for participation during the country (referring to the United States) Competition and received intensive training, and in trials or national (meaning the U.S.) He holds the race ranking.


Description: This is an international-level players, their participation in international competitions and prize competitions, source of income.

There are a few too long and then we'll talk to the Kazakhstan



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