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With regard to tennis with a few test questions to determine

qqaaswed2010-02-03 15:01:29 +0000 #1
Tennis examination to determine a few questions, we help to do something.

Note is true or false and explain the reasons ah! ! !

Topics are as follows:

1, the players toss up ready to serve, but also decided not to hit the ball and catch the ball shall be considered mistakes.

2, game, Party A serve or shot in the back and forth process, the ball hit another ball to stay at the venue should be sentenced to the loss of the score.

3, when serving the ball an instant before contact with the film, made the players jumped off the feet on the ground, hit the ball landed inside rear foot should not be sentenced to the wrong foot.

4, then sent the ball players fight back when out of bounds, and then presented to the referee he was not ready to require re-serve.

5, the second serve, rub the Division Network members reported that net linesman reported that out of bounds, and then correction is strike should be re-sentenced to serve.

There are Questions and Answers: Tennis lessons for the views and suggestions. Really can not think so what's good ideas, they also help to think, a good answer would be additional points.


Boise, Idaho 118982010-02-03 15:14:30 +0000 #2
1. ×

no ball movement allowed when repeated drop; accordance with the rules strictly limit, the ball landed at the venue before, if hand-catch; venue can easily fall to the ground instead of rackets available catch;

2. ×

sentenced to replay;

3. √

4. ×

sentenced to pick the players lose points; except in the hair ball players before the start of an unequivocal sign;

5. √

accurate to say yes The second re-serve;


Multi-race, multi-combat. In practice, the consolidation of theoretical knowledge;
L wife is three rounds2010-02-03 15:48:44 +0000 #3
1. Wrong

reason: As long as the final ball of the ball which did not touch the ground, that is not this ball has been sent out. Generally speaking, the situation in professional competition basically will not see, because those players will not be a good dish to throw the ball did not take into account also made no hair, but you can do a lot of tennis game, a ball thrown N times is not sent out.

2. Wrong

This ball is invalid (see the basic professional game of this situation, the organizing committee is not the case competitions to eat rice)

3. For

as long as the ball moves to the elastic knee-prepared take-off time outside the station online not a foot wrong.

4. Wrong

void (you think ah, if this will do it indiscriminately, and this game will play Yao, I say that as long as the sending and receiving failure is not ready, will have to heaven?)

5. The right

Members of the Division reported net rub network, namely, NET, regardless of whether the ball out of bounds are NET, two hair re-issued.
wang11255552010-02-03 15:56:54 +0000 #4
That does not say in front of say the proposals could improve the lot of a penalty soon



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