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ATP1000 year Masters is the total of the number of points ah?

michaelbes2010-01-18 23:01:02 +0000 #1

shpd7132010-01-18 23:17:27 +0000 #2
current ATP Masters Series 1000 Series full-year total of 8 +1: Indian - Wells, Miami, Rome, Madrid, Canada (several rounds of multi / Montreal alternate host), Cincinnati, Shanghai, Paris; Monte Carlo (non-mandatory entry)

2009 onwards, ATP Masters Series 9 station changed to eight stations, and re-named "ATP1000" event (ie, winner gets 1000 points in ranking points, and the highest in the world the top 20 players must participate in), the original Monte Carlo Masters will also be retained, "1000 event" treatment, that have the same "1000 hours" match points, but does not force top players to participate. Thus, ATP annual total of nine "1000 hours" events, and eight forced to participate in events and an option to participate in this event formed a "8 +1" event system



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