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Korean table tennis players would like to know before the recent situation involving Choi

shallwe7158862010-01-19 00:01:08 +0000 #1
before and after the 1990 Asian Games in North Korea out of a man named Choi Young-related singles player, has brought a great threat to China's Nan Ping. Can then become do not know why, "Zhong Yong", I do not know which ping-pong industry sources that can be given to the relevant information?
Green Leaf2010-01-19 00:10:48 +0000 #2
be involved Cuijing bar!

1990, the Korean team of 18-year-old rookie Cuijing involving a Jones, because we do not know him.

Beijing Games on the eve of North Korea Table Tennis Open, Cui Jing involving consecutive defeat Ma Wenge and Wang Tao, Zhang Lei, scores were 2 to 0.

Beijing Asian Games, both sides play the Cuijing loop loop players involved is quite the taste of Europe, but also they turn red. There is no baggage, he will be Chen Longcan to beat up a cheating, and Chen Longcan right he was not familiar with, and always caught in a passive and, ultimately, a more than two losses. Guoping also a more than 5 lost to North Korea.

But then Cuijing everyone involved with his understanding, as well as North Korea's closure resulted in technology keep up with global trends, it becomes a "Zhong Yong."

In 96 years, the Atlanta Olympics, failed to pass the group stage involving Cui Jing. Basically disappeared after a while.



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