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In tennis, what kind of condition is called a model worker ah>?

Michaelbes2010-01-19 00:01:21 +0000 #1

shpd7132010-01-19 00:11:13 +0000 #2
Nikolay Davydenko as players like

Why do I say that kind of player Nikolay Davydenko is the "model worker"? Because the 28-year-old who inherited the Russian Yevgeny Kafelnikov of the hard-working older traditions around the world non-stop hard work, to participate in various competitions. Nikolay Davydenko Why are they so hard? His own confession: In order bonus. Now ranked No. 8 Nikolay Davydenko has long been a lack of sponsor's favor, once the world's top 20 players only one with no shirt sponsors, and this makes him no choice but to self-purchase team shirts, and covered with stickers on clothing trademark, so as not to advertise in vain to help people. In 2006 to attend the Shanghai Masters Cup, he was lucky to get the favor of the brand Li Ning; 2007 Paris, France, sponsored by a clothing brand unknown to his shirt. But it is said, he is now also his own money to rent space training, and bought the ball at their own expense. Lean like Nadal and Davydenko less taciturn youth, so handsome Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic so funny, but step by step, be able to realistically take over. Davydenko through their own hard work, is scored for four consecutive years the year-end ATP final. With the Shanghai Masters ATP tournament win, Davydenko basically locked a ticket to London this year. To attract sponsorship is not his strong point, he needs to do is "a good play."



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