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Some day, the game start?

shuolebai2010-01-19 03:01:48 +0000 #1
Organizers should be published each day venues match starting time, right? Another encounter unforeseen circumstances that can be further informed, but they always have a plan, right? Why can not find it on the site? Also what is: the best service? I think that is the only way they think is best, right? In addition, arrangements for the events in the "Time" should be replaced by "date" in the hope has to be careful that a little serious. Otherwise, let other people joke!
shpd7132010-01-19 03:14:11 +0000 #2
Shanghai ATP1000 Masters official website will be the day the evening before the race day schedule and the training ground arrangements

See the official press release official Web page a column (indicated with a red font)

For example, at 20:23 on October 12 released October 13 against the table



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