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A standard table-tennis room, what specific requirements. Is there a unit to do this project

lorryking80912010-02-10 05:01:35 +0000 #1

order to optimize the game to be proud of2010-02-10 05:13:50 +0000 #2
Hehe 24 square meters? Generally not such a big living room bar

6 meters long, then to the left side of the spherical segment less than 2 meters hit the ball pretty much the same

peace-at least one side of about

equivalent to about 2.5 meters wide and eight long game


As for the formal conditions of table tennis venue Rules

2.1 Division of space shall be not less than 14 meters long, 7 meters wide and 5 meters high.

2.2 Division should be 75 cm high baffle of the same dark enclosed, and separated from the adjacent stadium and spectators. Generally speaking, there are six baffle short side, long side of a baffle 12.

2.3 standard competition generally use the 1.4 m long, 0.75 meters high baffle.

2.4 in the Olympic and other major world event, game table from the height of the measured illumination shall not be less than 1000 lux, and the uniform illumination throughout the game table, the rest of Division shall not be less than 500 lux of illumination; other competitions, contests Table of illumination not less than 600 lux, and the uniform illumination throughout the game, the rest of Division not less than 400 lux of illumination.

2.5 using multiple tables in this pool when the lighting levels should be consistent, match the background of the hall playing area lighting shall not exceed the minimum illumination.

2.6 light shall not be less than 5 meters from the ground. 2.7 four weeks should normally be the venue for the dark, there should be a bright light source, or from the windows did not increase to cover the sunlight through.

2.8 color of the floor can not be strong or too light or reflective skid, and the surface shall not be brick, concrete or stone; in Olympic and other major world event, the floor should be wood or ITTF approved by a certain brand and type of mobile Plastic floor.



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