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Table Tennis - What is the FU Qi-fang's skateboard technology?

zywenhua2010-02-10 05:02:18 +0000 #1
Table Tennis - Fu Qi-fang skateboarding technology is like? There are several other types of skateboard technique?
lockzhao2010-02-10 05:08:03 +0000 #2
uh ...... House floor, you do to get the secrets of the motherland? Such a high sub-raise such a question?
juw1q2010-02-10 05:38:54 +0000 #3
may only be the national team players can tell.
Taoyuan Village Art Bar2010-02-10 06:21:23 +0000 #4
Haha, you, the professional answer.

FU Qi-fang, Pen offensive. Was born in Shanghai and Hong Kong after the settlement in order to play to earn a living. After liberation, the Chinese table tennis team to participate in world championships, record year by year, the athletes are respected at home, work, life assured. These inspired FU Qi-fang's heart to serve the country. , He went back to the mainland. The then Vice Premier and Education Committee and director of Marshal He Long had personally met with Fu Qi-fang, and encouraged him to work hard. FU Qi-fang's forehand sideways "skateboard ball" can be described as a must, spin serve and volatile short-Ling Duishou elusive swing headache. With his accession, China has greatly strengthened the men's team.
HE strong and2010-02-10 05:57:22 +0000 #5
skateboard technology

the other tables in this pool ball back to the middle of a high quality of our side (right hand players) cited the use of skateboards hanging shoot the ball to each other on the left Bighorn

skateboarding is usually made leveraging the power of force is the role of borrowed to change the ball's line to provide the power of their own hair out of the ball out of the ball speed is the speed, therefore only suitable for lob is not suitable as an offensive

Keywords: leveraging hair force diversion

no matter what technologies are used not as much need for everyone have their own desires should not be drastic in order to suppress their own desire to technology use more technology will reduce the quality of human life



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