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I am a tennis beginner, expert Zhijiao the basic principles of pulling the ball

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upward pull, to push as hard, on that simple!
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forehand ball methods and techniques

is pull the ball is a very complex technology, there are close to the table pull the ball in close to the table pull the ball, Yuan-tai, pull the ball, there is one way or another spin, under spin, there are close to the table fast with the anti-pull loop the ball, pull semi-introduction of the ball and so on. Pull the ball no matter how complicated, but one thing is the most important foundation is the footwork. The quality of gait is directly related to pull the ball being hit rate, strength and pull the ball the size of the ability to regulate. To train well is pull the ball, we must learn well the first step. In this point, is the largest professional athletes and amateur athletes, the difference between amateur athletes, professional athletes do not like a lot of high-intensity training in footwork. But one thing is the same, that is batting skills. As long as they do grasp this opportunity to give full play to existing conditions, will also receive certain effects. Here, let me give you some more practical training methods and techniques:

1, pull a good fixed-point backspin: lachung backspin ball straight against the most basic of basic skills gum, in addition to pay attention when you pull down in front of spin put other essentials to the basic movements, paying particular attention to method of wrist force. In the moment is to use the wrist shot to the friction ball, hitting the ball mid-point in the upper part of the friction in the ball with the wrist should rotate according to the strength of the ball combined with a certain degree of impact. Is often said that to fight again another motor. Lachung backspin to the ball to spin a weak impact with friction tape, impact may be slightly larger than the friction. Lachung backspin to the ball to spin a strong force of friction ball, pulling the ball with their own power to offset the rotation of the ball. The moment the ball is hit to pay particular attention must bring the ball forward when you hit send, can not rely on strength to Yingpeng ball. This is what we often call a "food ball" the ball in the ball as far as possible the time board to stay longer. Such training often pull the ball, you feel the ball will be getting better and better, pull the ball will be several more slowly to reach with ease. Training method, in the absence of many conditions can be used the ball pull the ball Party issued backspin backhand the ball to each other's position so that the other twist to the long ball sideways position, and then hair pulling power washed the ball. Pull the ball must be paid attention to using the full pull-red, do not take into account the possibility of the next cricket against each other over. Want is to let your defense, but come. Frequently training, your strength will pull the ball increase. In a number of conditions, the ball, allowing an opponent to your next spin the ball sideways position, point the ball is red hair pulling force. Pull the ball to master a good batting time in the other side to jump to the highest point of the ball or fall the best pre-batting. Hitting time must be relatively fixed, so easy to master pulling the ball hit rate, a good regulation. Out of bounds on the move more than one point for the net a little more, the more friction. Washed down in the fixed-point pull the ball more spin a few cases, then to the ball impact point be extended to all of Taiwan's fixed-point lachung, I kept increasing the difficulty of pulling the ball, pull the level of the ball will be constantly improved.

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2, pull a good fixed-point top spin: one way or another spin and the next spin is different is that one way or another spin ball-point In the upper part of the ball, the friction is greater than the ball hit the ball, hit the ball the moment must be sent forward. Method of training for basic and grab pull down the same spin, but not the same as the rotation of the ball is on the spin. In the block shot after the sideways force pulling hair washed this cricket, or other change in hand position you are late-edge lachung and repeated practice. How the conditions of ball training can be made by the other side directly to your topspin forehand robbed-bit and sideways-bit Chong, impact point can be fixed to the non-fixed point, gradually increase the difficulty of hitting.

3, Enhancing anti-pull-loop drive: Anti-pull-loop drive is an advanced technology, especially the amateur athletes to master the technology like a duck to water, you will master the race initiative. Because the general amateur athletes in the pull-loop hanging loop pulled the ball when the ball more than you have mastered the anti-pull-loop drive technology, you will stand a gear higher than the other level. Anti-pull loop the ball essentials, first issued their own power, as little as possible by the rotation of each other, with their own strength to pull the ball off the other side to the rotation of the ball. Followed by the anti-friction when pulling the ball must be thin, friction or even at the top of the upper part of the ball, both like to take the other side to force the rotation of the ball, but also their own hair ball friction force. Pull your hair more strength, hit rate. The more afraid of each other's spin to touch the ball, the easier to eat each other's rotation. Training methods, an opponent the next spin the ball to your backhand bit, you are chopping sideways into each other's position, the other party has raised the hanging loop the ball to your backhand bit, you sideways anti-pull, so that repeated practice, the basic grasp of the anti-pull the law of the ball after the loop, then anti-pull expanded to Taiwan and non-fixed-point anti-pull.

4, close to the table is fast chips, with a loop drive: This technology is very advanced in defense technology, is very difficult to master technology, is the late 90's gradually been adopted technology. Before that people are being defensive bit flat block, by the other side to block the ball's spin the ball the past, and therefore a critical moment in the game is very vulnerable to stress caused by errors, even if no mistakes, anti-ball is also in the past there is no threat, it is easy to attack each other continuously. To the late 90's, China's athletes the anti-pull technology used in the past Taiwan's defense, especially anti-plastic play straight athletes to exercise more accelerated rhythm of attack and defense conversion, has received very good results, Ma forests in the use of this technology is very prominent. The technical requirements for athlete's right to judge the ball to be very fast, accurate, hands on the ball feels very demanding because there are a lot of the ball is in the loss of the body center of gravity of the situation or not in place entirely by the hands of kung fu athletes to complete the technical movement. I would like to While there are many amateur athletes to really master this technology much, but already have a certain level of athletes can go to try, maybe you will have a windfall.

This technology primarily to master the skills of time and wrist force shots, hitting the ball as far as possible take-off time period (up period), when the step is to not place the case, you can also just hop in the ball from time to time on the volley. Shots made by the waist and wrist strength to reach the top of the ball. Contact with the ball when it is like to take the other side to force the ball spin, while their strength must be made to the friction the ball a little thin as far as possible the friction, the friction thick it is easy to the net, in the friction moment of the ball must take the ball forward top. Training methods can be used under rubbing hands spin the ball into the right position so that the other side is pulling loop the ball into his own forehand bit, and then with a forehand close to the table quickly. This will gradually grasp the ball and repeatedly practicing the basic method of the fast with the other side pull from the next spin the ball loop up the case of the more skilled, and then a straight line to push the other side pull loop the ball into their own forehand bit faster spin loop drive belt training. In this way, you will slowly grasp the Chiang Kai-shek in the defense close to the table fast with a hand loop drive technology. The key point of this technology is hitting the ball when the friction must be thin, but we must take the initiative made its own power to dribbling.

Is pull the ball Attention

amateur players in practice is when you pull the ball, we must be careful to take the following points:

1, to close the forearm: in forehand ball must pay attention to close the forearm, big boom and arm must not be the angle between the fixed, according to the ball to determine the size of the arm. But to note that, to close the forearm must use to control the waist.

2, turn waist: Since table tennis is a circular motion, with the waist to control the ball when the hand is a very important aspect of the ball when the racket was not cited by hand after the next handle, but rather turn waist to complete, with the Waist fixed arm, turn back and speed is much faster than the handle. That is, the hitting arm is the first turn before the waist rather than the first handle. We play a lot of fans when they were first handle, do not know turn the waist, thus hitting the body often appears inconsistent lead to hair force is not concentrated, or unable to pronounce the force.

3, sweet spot: the best place is the sweet spot right in front of the body (in the right hand for example), to maintain the best ball position must learn footwork, and preserve the body's center of gravity, center of gravity high and low according to the ball to decide. Marin fell to the ground sideways frequently used burst a last resort, the other rubbing the ball over a low and long, and Latin America can no longer finished later restored, only Bosha. Marin pull the ball when in the low center of gravity, but the point is that the ball hit the highest point or early fall. Forehand wide-angle position of the ball hitting point I have to move according to their gait to determine the sweet spot of the high and low. Under normal circumstances the ball down in the mid-and late shots.

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4, the use of the wrist: in pulling the ball, the wrist should be relatively fixed and can not shake too much an instant hit with the middle finger to withstand Fat Ball friction force the ball plate. In addition the wrist also has a regulatory function of the instant hit, such as when you pull the ball suddenly felt the rotation of the ball than they had expected to be referred to by the wrist when hitting the power to regulate the size and friction parts of the ball. Not in place and withstand their own circumstances, to rely mainly on waist and wrists to adjust the sweet spot. Especially in the game, a lot of balls are not very rules to the ball impact point is your most painful place, this time to rely mainly on the wrist to adjust, mainly by the regulation of the wrist thumb and middle finger forced to complete. Second, pull the control of the ball plate also depends on the wrist to complete, there are a lot of straight athletes forehand wrist sling the ball very far, which affects hair strength, under normal circumstances, wrists and forearms in almost a straight line, the ball plate to the angle between and the wrist at 45 degrees.

5, to eat the ball: we see a player pull the ball good and bad, mainly to see him pull the ball whether to eat the ball. To eat the ball is a ball in the ball plate relatively long residence time, rather than the ball touched the ball plate and went out. To do pull the ball to eat the ball, they must take the initiative each cricket have made an effort to friction ball, in peacetime training as little as possible to play in leveraging the ball. Pull the ball to eat the ball good or bad, in peacetime training is not very obvious, but in the game there is a great difference. A lot of balls are in place where you do not pull the ball to complete the action, on the entirely unsolicited force you use the wrist to adjust to the friction the ball, you get used to pull the ball unsolicited force, you can pull the ball in the race to control the when the strength and hitting parts of the adjustment, pull the ball past a lot of difficult.

6, grab onto the spin and the next spin of the difference: there is not much difference between movements, the difference is that looting swept down to spin the ball when batting points in the upper part of hair when the force of the ball according to the rotation may bring point of impact; grab the ball onto the spin points in the ball hitting the top of unsolicited strength friction ball, hitting when the body center of gravity also will move forward. Especially in the anti-pull loop the ball, the friction thin people might get the past, the friction thick or a little easier to hit mistakes.

7, fine-tuning: Many fans have pointed out this problem, I think we should do this in the game is more difficult. This is first of all depends on your personal sense of itself, the ball is your hands on the ball. Second, at the training constantly develop your understanding of the rotation of the ball, we should clearly know that you hit the ball the past, what kind of rotation, the other side of the ball come back to what kind of rotation. Only then can you have the ball under different normal batting in a very difficult situation, in the very rules of the ball, the ball falls on the rougher edges of the case is difficult to fight back, through the hands of the regulation of the ball hit back at the past. So, for Amateur friends in terms of fans, the most important is to refine the rotation of the ball changes to the basic grasp this rule, you will have a fine-tuning capabilities.



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