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100 yuan ping-pong paddle buy

huiw112010-02-10 06:01:29 +0000 #1
want to buy a ping-pong paddle around 100 yuan (complete), Taobao had just bought a block of double happiness on the five-star rhythm, found to be fakes, so would like to own a piece of sticky, because it is only their own casual play, I do not want to spend too high prices, there is no master could be a recommendation! I like the fast break close to the table and pulling loop, using a horizontal plate, thank you!
renfei11012010-02-10 06:11:14 +0000 #2
This is according to the level you set the table tennis.

Different rubber have different usefulness,

and the style of play also play a role in the decision to use what kind of rubber.

Close to the table fast break with loop racket ball is commonly used is:

working on anti-adhesive, backhand or long raw rubber glue.

Wang Tao Deng Yaping is playing like that, but also the use of the above I am talking about the type racket.

It-yourself accessories to come back to buy racket assembly is a good choice,

to have a certain basis of ping-pong lovers,

which a lot of fun.

Arc circle play the ball is in hand with anti-adhesive, of course, this point can be laid down.

But the backhand in the end is still a long rubber raw rubber, we should see you to deal with small ball capability.

Backhand rubber used in the particles change in a long ball on the large (rotation direction), the control is also difficult to play them on. Short grain is opposite.

In the online buying racket set, lost or components to choose when the racket handle to grasp. Will also lose a lot of fun.

Recommendations to sports equipment store, or shopping malls to buy sporting goods counter.

I personally Double Happiness of the board, and more reliable butterfly rubber, of course, I am talking about are true under the premise of goods oh.

Add that the choice of glue is also very important.

Finally I wish you to get big in a small ball of fun!
zhufan37192010-02-10 06:15:59 +0000 #3
recommended you to a sporting goods store and look at it like a four-star general DHS, and probably more than 80 points, depending on your style of play, it is best to choose double-sided anti-plastic, because such a curve ball have more power. Coupled with a Samsung ball (our side 4 yuan a). Close to the table if need is a fast break smoothly, or else not as good as a straight row. I both are used, playing different opponents in different rows, and sometimes also horizontal straight lines to play (do not mean playing straight horizontal row).
Danish Technical2010-02-10 06:28:39 +0000 #4
Butterfly finished filming bar, TBC201 202 can not exceed 100, lightweight, eat the ball steady, for you!
Easy to use user name呀2010-02-10 06:56:40 +0000 #5
If you only buy rubber, then you can buy them on the sides Hurricane 3

100 should be given to buy down

and then told him to give you not'll replace stained

beat, and anyway you play with no need for a good board for those who like a good rubber! !



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