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Schlager Carbon big difference between mainstream parallel Mody

super66022010-02-10 06:01:55 +0000 #1
Has there been a line of recently purchased a water than I used to feel a little piece of software but it is not difficult to use before the mainstream is a solid piece of imitation of the bar would not be high if the Schlager Carbon no high imitation is not parallel there is a little difference between mainstream it Thank you, the
Big Head Sugar2010-02-10 06:13:41 +0000 #2
honest sentence, similar to the butterfly type of stringent quality checks, known for the quality of the brand backplane parallel imports and in fact the difference is not licensed would be too poor, because both belong to a manufacturer the same production line, the difference between mainstream and parallel imports is that tariffs on imports have played Bale (positive line is imported from the formal channels, and then sent to Shanghai, dealers, and then sent to the parts from the dealer, so prices tend to be expensive point, parallel imports that come in white and is secretly transported to buy the same quality.) Like STIGA the quality of the parallel and sometimes even more than now the line is good. . . So, be sure to tell you just buy a genuine butterfly backplane parallel imports and parallel lines are the same. . . Just bought is OK, assured that nothing is more at ease.
_ Diablo _2010-02-10 06:16:22 +0000 #3
butterfly technique may now be changed, carbon plate is not so die-hard of the.



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