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BOMB Violent in plastic pouches that can counter with how to use this set of rubber-like? Please rec

what you justyou2010-02-10 06:02:08 +0000 #1

flying off2010-02-10 06:06:42 +0000 #2
I used, so it wanted to rehabilitate the second floor of a friend did not know used did not say well, actually very good, the same floor, friends say , light, the backhand right weight, elastic good, able to suck the ball into the re-spray, the viscosity is very good, looks like not that people always say that the astringent sets, short, with the price of rubber to its comprehensive and balanced performance, it is true!
HE strong and2010-02-10 06:29:08 +0000 #3
the benefits of the first point of this set of plastic as long as the die made of light


Bu Zhuo Li tired, good elasticity, no worries about the second ball does not spin out

The third point is also good, but slightly less than the elastic a little bit

But with two three hundred dollars to be able within a set of plastic can be compared with less than



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