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Butterfly King, as well as maintenance of the use of true and false floor

CK Winning2010-02-10 06:02:15 +0000 #1
one butterfly yesterday, bought a new king of the ocean floor 890 `in the store to buy back scratch coating first telephone call turned out to be an empty number: 8008011315 Second Phone: 4006728315 open up after password input 20 that are the real thing but I do not understand the packaging has a bar code on the box above that says: J0139021GTZ my forehand bottom lower right corner reads: J0138951R6G do not know how the matter please Gaoren guide! In addition I am working with the butterfly TENERGY05 anti-adhesive backhand with the SPEEDY PO Positive Photoresist Is this it was used with Mody? How the actual results like? For what style of play?

Also like to ask how the maintenance of a butterfly under the pros and cons of rubber? Per play before to re-sticky rubber torn off what is good or not good racket? another tear while retaining the time thus spent is not it? (from the last step is to tear down Mody) was used by ancient CLEAN AWAH nita cleaning agents? I bought a bottle - not yet available!

want to get high scores on the sure to take advantage of these issues have been resolved out!哈哈Thank you

what strong and2010-02-10 06:17:25 +0000 #2
is really not too seriously on the line

rubber tear words are from left to right or right to left

each play before the rubber torn off to re-look at've never heard of sticky

backhand with being plastic? ? Giving the impression as if a finished film
zombieyang2010-02-10 06:25:12 +0000 #3
J0139021GTZ This is the kind of tariff numbers, each plate is not the same, the bar code number on the regional agency, if not the same numbers and the board is not normal, it may a result of the wrong box is loaded this year, check this very strict proxy. Now that you have the right of the telephone inquiries should be true, and some stores there are heterogeneous small card, just to see spectacles like the kind of three-dimensional painting, with that look of a butterfly anti-counterfeiting labels, at the sign of the two there will be a wing in English, one is the "B" One is the "F".

Backhand is useless plastic. . Should be a long plastic bar. .

Rubber and maintenance, you kick down the dip of using sleep wipe off, etc. After the paste dried up a protective film. There are cleaning agents, of course better.

Butterfly sets of plastic do not need to re-stick every time, does not require irrigation plastic. Edge tear to protect the fundamental can scrap it.



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