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Arc fast play floor preparation What is this? To be affordable.

249,734,6892010-02-10 07:01:52 +0000 #1
I do not rich, has just started. Hope that the older generation Zhidianmijin
Language of the stars 1102010-02-10 07:14:18 +0000 #2
side 2 side mad mad Biao Biao, economical and affordable

3 floor, or to find some emphasis is that of

ufo_xxl_10172010-02-10 07:28:16 +0000 #3
arc floor Do not be a hard fast point, arc ring bottom plate, especially the novice, do not particularly hard bottom plate, domestic board can be. 3 sets of rubber on the forehand Hurricane line, seemingly more than mad two stable sets of points of anti-soft plastic. In fact, both novice veteran, 200 yuan are like this configuration.
youhou66782010-02-10 08:16:07 +0000 #4
classic configuration Bai -

Galaxy MC-2 Hurricane 3 forehand, backhand Palio CJ8000 ---



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