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How to improve the degree of ball spin? (Do not copy / paste)

missing book angle2010-02-10 07:02:17 +0000 #1
I understand the theory of hair spinning ball, but his hair turn the ball less. Said rotation speed can reach 100 to nearly 200 per second transfer.

For example, I made The side spin and then turning force will not have to go straight, video watch others draw an arc lightly touched on.

I told my colleagues to fight, using the same board, he serves the ball can be played back strong side spin, I shall strike with no success.

This is how it? Is there a simple and effective way to self-discipline improved?
wsy_jackey2010-02-10 07:09:08 +0000 #2
Zhang Yining made more than 70 turn up to second Liu Guoliang within the team test more than 80 anti-adhesive fight forward setting up to 150 Dao 170 180 Your data is wrong about Marlene recommended Baidu Video

serve Serve the devil does not turn? Exert oneself ah how timid fear of fresh mistakes do not turn?

Friction thinner will turn faster swing will turn you say you know do not say

swing small? ? Li Xiaoxia made backspin to beat the shoulders of the swing to span a small? But you can eat, live and accurate swing speed does not slow the ball of course, this is the difference! ! ! As long as there are more trained to be able to harvest

the side spin you want to smooth arc in air or with the tables in this pool of friction obviously obtuse angle after a track?

The former is similar to the Lo Tuo side spin about its own Wikipedia Bernoulli effect

which is similar to the cis-rotation against the clock is the clock counter-clockwise rotation of friction at the bottom of

Jewel ping-pong ball net with words inconvenient for me to help you find your cell phone on his own find

What about the whole issue and do not understand, even though it asked if I knew the technical aspects should be no problem
black and Siu Sai2010-02-10 07:50:56 +0000 #3
Hello, I think you are talking about the situation and does not mean you do not turn the ball, but you are pulling or cutting the ball

can be said is that if you focus on pulling the ball, which is usually referred to pull loop the ball, which is quite turn, because the pull loop mainly aimed to test the desire of a sphere of friction, contact a long time, but pulled out of the rotation of this technology is not a single side spin, but with the ball hanging on the side, and therefore in the air to draw an arc, the ball is more transferred arc larger down there would be a clear turning, let rivals take the ball well, there is always a kind of belated sense, I think, this should be your colleague's play bar

If it is a pure side spin the words This ball is very sharp although there will be no change, to step down would not be very obvious when turning, it is because the ball down the ball spin axis current events contact the desktop, there will be no clear arc, when you step down rotation will not be significantly weakened. In other words, such a good ball to judge the ball as long as the rotation, take note of the angle of the racket face to the ball, we can say very good access.

I think you should pay attention to more exercise, try to hang the ball on the playing side, so that would be the kind of play you want to arc the ball, and this play is an internationally widely used technology, with certain advantages and prospects of may give more practice

This is just some personal experiences I had for reference purposes only hope that will help you.



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