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On the electoral table tennis bottom

Moonlight Ao2010-02-10 08:02:19 +0000 #1
I have recently thought about getting a kink in the bottom is ...

1.Donic watt carbon strengthen

2. Yasakama C

I am a combination of fast-break style of play loop. Please help me to choose what economy is relatively depressed, so do not recommend too expensive for me ah ... And then there are sets of plastic about the election. brother are also most grateful!
Shan Chiu Ying2010-02-10 08:08:25 +0000 #2
This is a site evaluation, quite good, and Lou Zhu own bar watching the election.

With glue: W Wood: 39 degrees forehand backhand mad 3

777 hard-to strengthen anti-watt carbon arc: being 39 degrees G666

backhand anti-Arc

777 hard-working hands: in the sense of strengthening the tiles of carbon close to the table is very thick, Li Tao feet, leveraging good pull, but with no effort, COSCO sets a solid, at the end of Jin foot (compared with tile wood) do not justify the very wild. Tile wooden handle clear the ball in Taiwan is more accurate, sound, feel the racket more docile. A very strange thing is that tile wood tile carbon longer than the entire size, but in the hands feels lighter than the carbon tiles. COSCO Taiwan also need unsolicited force.

Backhand: working on a more hard-watt carbon-more bombs, but they do not quite understand, the backhand as if the sound is more brittle wood tiles, and better control. I backhand play hard defense arc, with two bullets hit topspin shot, tile wood a higher success rate, of course, may be I tile wood play more and more familiar.

Ma hard carbon, light board sound breaking ball heavy, did not expect the HK1997 sticky sticky-type later (opposite of crazy is not filling three plastic), broken tone remains the same, medium power hitting, high-elastic and made empty, there is no pure wood crisp and the shots really sense only lachung loop when it experienced rapid whipping carbon taste. The legendary "no-fat plain edge, such as wood, hair force, such as carbon," seems to only believe half of the. The shooting attack when they pick a good fight and pull red, can be used in the first three panels, but the continuous lachung difficult, often because opponents are leveraging anti-back, the ball quickly, did not move to the lost. In addition I use CL to prevent the arc for the carbon even in the horse can not do.

Personal opinion, if Louzhu control is good, bad hair strength can buy a horse of carbon, how Louzhu control is not very good, or very suitable for the carbon tile right. Louzhu have made reference to
recent662010-02-10 08:31:37 +0000 #3
rely on, it seems you are a master, my table tennis age of four years of the bar operator on the beat to know should also be relatively more, but you ask for than I know about medicine professions, and I can do nothing ah, my view is that sports equipment, the prices reflect what is still relatively more! In accordance with your economic strength come!
Easy to use user name呀2010-02-10 09:22:04 +0000 #4
I have the ball for 12 years age bar

If you just play, then go to some store called him a good bit of wood that you like the note is that wood is also not carbon How much

If you do not have a professional, then bought a Canadian carbon panels ah ..... Palio series like! ! ! Will not be very expensive! ! 100 +

rubber, would you like to buy 3 hurricane, that hit loop is very appropriate, but must adapt to a period of time! ! !

There is best to buy their own tin of glue, and poor in general but like 60 + +

usual attention to the maintenance of beat, there is also the time when the beat does not stretch, remember to stick brand, do not just get thrown away, it is a waste of ! !

This is just my suggestion! ! ! Only that you refer to, after all, you know I'm not a reality! !



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