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To help choose a ping-pong paddle

jinjiazh2010-02-10 09:01:03 +0000 #1
I am a left-handed Pen loop play near Taichung, Taiwan, mainly by inroads into scoring loop. Forehand the ball can be used on the wrist, and pulled the ball than the transfer speed is not bad. Now want to buy a racket, Internet read the next stiga oc, stiga oc-cr, stiga oc-cr-wrb feel good problems to the point of evaluation of rubber plans 23 selected from the Hurricane 23 Tianji trouble talking about their strengths and weaknesses are what are recommended is under way, the hardness. I am a student, please also help me comprehensive consideration of price and other factors
zywenhua2010-02-10 09:15:06 +0000 #2
Bottom options: Galaxy U-4 (U4) five-story wooden floor

set of pure plastic options: positive, DHS Hurricane 3. Negative: CJ8000-C.

Floor Official parameters are as follows:

Galaxy U-4 (straight / horizontal)

Speed 9


control layers (ply) 5

Thickness (mm) 6.4

Weight (g) 87

performance characteristics: speed, control good, loop-type.
palio1234562010-02-10 09:44:21 +0000 #3
stiga oc-cr bar, pure OC while eating the ball, then hit the ball well, but soft, and will be a board ringing off the hook, WRB hollow candybar generally do not adapt to his center of gravity forward, or just added CR coating would be better, being mad 3 is kingly, 39 degrees or 40 degrees, if the filling glue, then we chose 40, it is easy to play and thoroughly.

In addition, I previously used the Galaxy U4, although the Galaxy U4 is a fake but touch on the OC is still a far cry from the price difference can be seen, U4 only 100 or so, and your skills and grow, so Foreign direct election of board it, the time spent is also longer.
zombieyang2010-02-10 09:50:03 +0000 #4
stiga advise that you should not buy long been agents do stink, and the quality of super-poor, but also expensive. . . Shop owner recommended because stiga big profits.

In fact, you buy a mad Biao Hao most suitable, and cheaper, also meets the requirements of your play. Cost is very high.

If you are pulling the ball for their confidence in technology, they use mad Biao, 3, and the crazy three are fast, low arc.

Tian Ji 3 fight not mad 3 so quickly, but the hit rate is high, curving less thieves.

Mad 2 if you made a very penetrating power of a good fight, if we go with, Tian Ji 2 is a semi-sticky semi-astringent, these two would not recommend to you.

Is in hand to recommend that you use 40 degrees.
Easy to use user name呀2010-02-10 10:47:06 +0000 #5
Hurricane 3 guests think a little better, I am also a table tennis player, is also a student, I practiced 7 years, as shooting, I suggest you choose Palio of

not expensive, a sizeable use, exactly suitable for students!

These are my personal recommendation! !
_ Diablo _2010-02-10 10:22:48 +0000 #6
cr is a nano-coating technology, WRB a hollow handle technology. The general election OC-CR, WRB not everyone likes. In fact, if you only play one side, or not to vote for OC, the election CL better.

General amateur loop play of all the election Hurricane 3 or Tian Ji 3, Hurricane little explanation of Baidu's everywhere. Tian Ji 3 pellets slightly longer, the better control bar. Hardness of 39-40 degrees is appropriate.
Big Head Sugar2010-02-10 10:45:44 +0000 #7
Louzhu can ah, pull the ball know how to add more red wrist force the ball more and faster change. . . (Add that to know how to pay attention to hair force, because the wrist injury Oh relatively easy). . . Lianqiu ordinary peacetime or attack the ball can block shot, and wrist when the hair edge games. . . Going to the subject: stiga oc, stiga oc-cr, stiga oc-cr-wrb (bluntly, is the OC of the various versions. OC can be said to be the most authoritative five wooden structure arc board, if you definitely are good enough self-confidence made personal and strongly recommend a pure 0C (stiga oc). This version of the hand than the CR coating of the OC added touch is more delicate, vibration touch (that is, more sensitive feel back to confused.. Of course, if nasty shock, then on the other hand consider the OC, and playing thick bar)... using pure OC pull the ball than the OC-CR Shuang, bite the ball feeling very strong, super-way arc positive, compared with YE also positive (OC-CR is the ultraviolet Hard plate to strengthen the body out of the ball faster the block shot force) from the felt-like hair on the general power of OC-CR... Hard arc certainly little discount, but not too obvious to play the main loop OC selection is correct. Dafa Li at the end of Jin to be better than a lot of hard board... rubber shake-hands grip, then mad 3 is the mainstream, and the crazy two I can not afford to think too hard playing (which is playing I could not afford a breach of etiquette) hardness 40 degrees below can be a good tie-OC compatible with... backhand SRIVRE-EL-2.2... Oh, this configuration of the flow of saliva... Pen Tian Ji 3, then a very good choice, control better than the crazy 3 Pen violence, but also lose special adhesive sets. hardness of 40 or less (even playing YE take 39 Tian Ji 3 has been felt very smoothly, and the softer the sponge the better pull)... price less the same, crazy expensive than the 30 days or so.. OC-360 have dealings, and backhand coat 165, the country focus on three sets of 729 or so `` -70...

By the way PS look, star wins proxy STIGA Quality is also possible, OC out the name of spruce is very positive, so stink What does it mean I do not know , you do not buy STIGA the bottom there are a lot of people will still buy... As for the price eventually? does not support domestic products, but the OC is indeed a sexual price higher than the mad-hao Well tell the truth, and red double floor addition to PG Series Mosha has cost-effective, domestic price is the Galaxy brother... LS golfers Zebu get mad-hao and MC-2 Bibi?



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