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Brief features flat block the ball and movement gist

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block flat right-hand loop the ball - with waist as the axis of

straight play of the players, regardless of what the rubber, its basic technical Action has an overall basis. For the amateur, the practice of technical anti-loop drive level block close to the table from the beginning. In the close to the table with the flat right-hand block loop there are several key issues need to be addressed:

First, the basic stations to be appropriate. Ping block loop the ball when the stations are in hand to attack the ball than the average distance from the station farthest from the body center of gravity is higher, legs not so much the degree of bending, the relative spacing of two feet narrower, such stations There is a feeling of condescending manner is conducive to the control of the ball.

Second, the grip should be natural. Straight grip is much more varied, but the principle should be relaxed, not rigid, otherwise it will affect the ball when the feeling. Defensive loop the ball, the bat should be slightly under the pressure some, the index finger can not be too forceful, a bit forced, under the thumb pressure, the middle finger is very important, could be used to control the direction of the ball back.

Third, with the waist edge of the most stand up to the ball. Rational use of the waist is the next loop is an important aspect, whether straight or horizontal boards, find the feeling with the waist than the more important to find the feeling of his hand, through the center of body weight and waist block the formation of rotating-type ball movements, the use of lumbar Citation shoot robbery completion of transfer process. Turn waist when the waist on the right hip and knee and feet should have a welcoming feeling before, we must simultaneously rotate, so that is conducive to the relaxation of the arm. Defensive loop drive through the body center of gravity of the substance of the exchange to play, with the focus switching, at the foot in order to have the "root" in order to gain a firm footing to be able to continuously converge. If there is no center of gravity exchange, at the foot of residence can not pedal, you can not fast-moving. Hit the ball before the body center of gravity to increase the rotation driven by the waist forearm, the arm must be fully relaxed, can not pick up the shoulder frame loop, otherwise it will lead to the body's stiffness.

Fourth, reduce the rate quoted handle film. Anti-loop time, through the waist, turning a modest way to drive the arm back Citation shoot, try not to pull way of escape, otherwise the ball can easily be resisted, resulting in the situation behind the ball, so when the defender hit the ball loop ball point must be on the front, we must learn chasing hit the ball.

Fifth, the rise in the latter part of batting the ball. Defensive loop the ball, the ball than the average of the time normally is in hand to attack the ball early, the rise in the latter part of hitting the ball so that it easier to borrow the power of the ball to each other. For the amateur, flat right-hand block in practice when the loop may be appropriately delayed batting time in the highest hits the ball the ball hits the ball at the highest easier to find the feeling of the ball in the ball before you can fully time to adjust the stations and adjust the bat. How can I find the most accurate ball point? Amateur players in the process of practice always encounter problems. Peaceful election when a lot of defensive easily hit the ball prematurely, it is easy to return the ball into the net. To find the exact sweet spot will have to determine in advance the ball the other side of the arc length, we must promptly move step, so as to find the best sweet spot.

6th, according to the rotation of the ball bat regulation. Defensive loop the ball, it is necessary in advance to judge the ball's spin. If you spin the ball the other side is not strong, may properly be erected racket, increasing the angle between the racket and the tables in this pool, so that can guarantee the ball back to the arc. If you spin the ball the other side relatively strong, can be photographed ball pressure, to overcome the strong topspin to the ball.

Horizontal plate is my hand arc similar to the technology and straight. The difference between technology and straight:

First, the horizontal plate bat control easier, because more stable grip horizontal plate, so that is conducive to the control of the ball right back.

Second, the horizontal plate in anti-loop process, the index finger of the role of the large, through the index finger under the pressure, you can feel the ball more accurately the strength and intensity of the rotation has played the role of control back to the ball arc.

Ping block loop the ball is defensive loop drive technologies, and this defensive technology, back to the ball faster, arc low. To the ball through the other side by force, integrating the control of their own skills: You can instantly change back to the rhythm of the ball. Usually flat block the ball will loop back to the rapid sinking curve ball, you can effectively contain the other's continuous attacks, the threat to each other to a certain extent. Amateur in the initial stages of practice, you can adopt a multi-ball training methods to appreciate the essentials of the technology. Trainer can let the other side pull a number of less-loop rotating ball, will be transferred to the waist, cited shoot, Ying ago, hitting up a coherent and coordinated the various actions and, through the fingers of the regulation, when the ball experience subtle feeling, This exercise can be a better way to train hand; develop physical coordination. In addition, in practice the process of experience to focus on the feeling with the waist, waist is done properly, will improve the ball back to the stability and threatening, when the flat block has some sense, you can pull the other side of some strong loop rotation placement of the ball and make the changes, so that when the defense can strengthen fingers to the ball rotation perception, enhance ability to control the ball and through the pace of the movement, to learn how to find the best sweet spot. High-quality flat-block loop the ball ball, the middle finger will feel the ball sponge is the breakdown, indicating that the process of hitting, fully borrow the power of the ball, extending a role in the ball of time. Mastered this feeling, you can freely add in defense, when, by force, to change the ball back to the rhythm of change, increasing the ball back to the threat. Many amateur and professional athletes in training can practice in the latter part of the ball quickly blocked the rise in the initial arc of circle, used to increase the speed of the ball back, if we can close to the table fast block loop practice to a certain level, it will occupy in the game clear advantage.



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