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To help select what table tennis, cross-board configuration

is no longer in2010-02-10 09:01:36 +0000 #1
want a strong and pull the ball to. My backhand mainly to loop play, the forehand loop fast break play. Price in 1000 is below the maximum not to over 1500. Now allows the Galaxy T8 carbon plate, and the crazy 3 and PALLO leather, feel being insipid. The Hurricane want to buy a king, but a lot of fakes, but also heard that Hurricane King price is poor, relying on the brand. Please master or at least understand the pointing
a dream of the wind 19902010-02-10 09:04:19 +0000 #2
backhand can choose a butterfly rubber, and its friction performance is very good forehand, then an optional 729, and 729 pairs of hands are being fast-break arc ring-type play a deep study of the specific model of what to buy depends on your buying price and your level, you can go to Taobao point of view to see if rubber prices and the introduction, as board if you can think about Sri Lanka to the card, but the best store you go to go take a look at to try their hand bottom, do not listen to other people introduced as a direct impact on your bottom hand.
Yu-ping-pong2010-02-10 09:43:18 +0000 #3
butterfly, QQ chat 491,925,987
cut off the tail to stand up2010-02-10 09:26:31 +0000 #4
Hurricane King heard telling the truth. Provincial mad good about it. However, not filling glue effect is not very good. Ball board, I recently ordered online card red and black carbon Wang Sri Lanka. Feeling pretty good. Prices are also reasonable. 539. Glue, feeling Tian Ji 3, the focus of 2 are good. 3 crazy feeling that play is not transparent. My backhand is equipped with multi-Nick F1

152 / set down with a total of 710 yuan. Plus shipping 750 are definitely enough.



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