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United States men's tennis star which currently has a few ah?

michaelbes2010-01-19 05:01:18 +0000 #1

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Roddick and Blake, the Yisineier, Kuirui and Donald - Young 3 young boy will become the new hope for American tennis.

The United States men's tennis player was the last time Grand Slam singles title would also like to enlist the United States dates back to 2003, Dick, for tennis town United States, the U.S. tennis so much if the decline will lead to the whole world tennis market shrinking When Federer, Roddick and Blake living in difficult times there was a breakthrough, the U.S. tennis people have to put hope into the younger players on, experts in the Sports Illustrated that he is also a professional tennis player Jimeiersi Toba It appears that Yisineier, Kuirui and Donald - Young 3 young boy will become the new hope for American tennis. Jimeiersi Toba article in a recent column on the Yisineier, Kuirui and Donald - Young carried out a detailed Comments:

"The new generation of American tennis is looking at 90 years of Sampras Agassi, Courier, Michael Chang and Andy Roddick grew up in the new century, it is fortunate that we now have three distinct characteristics of players, the trio had the chance to become the new elite tennis.

John - Yisineier, 22 years old, 6 feet 9 inches tall, 2 meters 05 of the giant, graduated from the University of Georgia in Washington, entered the final race is just the way he participated in the second ATP-level event, he miraculously The adoption of five games three of the fierce battle with the grab 7 out of Tim Henman, B-Becker,欧德斯尼克, Haas and Mengfeiersi into the final, losing a relatively close match, Roddick was runner-up.

Yisineier average Yifa more than 135 miles per hour, with an average close to 120 miles per hour 2 fat, so powerful enough to disrupt the opponent's rhythm off the tee. When he was in the ATP race to accumulate more game experience and know how to the opponent After sustained pressure, he can become a nightmare for all the world's opponent. tennis is not so from a more than 2 meters of the people still have such a good move, he was the bottom line is backhand is very stable, the net is also a good deal . Yisineier is the academic system as well as NCAA tennis results trained, he was also encouraged by the success of the United States Tennis Academy training system.

As Yisineier professional tennis career started so well, Yisineier take This year the U.S. networks are the wild card race, and each one opponent not want in the first round and met him.

Sam - Kuirui, 19-year-old, height 1 meter 98, was born in him from last year, began Los Angeles, began last year to give people an impression, despite his tournament on clay and grass to go fairly difficult, but it came to his own hard-tournament favorite record of his good. Kuirui career in Indianapolis Chapter first ATP tournament semi-final rounded out his game with Blake's amazing consecutive balls, hitting 10 aces, after a third set of looting 7 Blake beat fellow American, who beat Cincinnati again straight Ji-kui Er, Youzhny and Monaco rounded out the first Masters Series tournament eight stronger.

Kuirui the play has many similarities with Roddick at the beginning, serving and forehand is his main weapon, the mobile tall Kuirui capacity is also amazing is that he needs to improve skills in front of the net. Kuirui OTC is a very optimistic guy, which is conducive to help him ease the cruel professional tournament pressure.

Donald - Young It is the third U.S. tennis stars star. I have said last month, people from Atlanta, this 18-year-old left-hander a bit too high expectations, it is these pressures so that he spent a longer time to grow up . this year, he finally won the Junior Wimbledon champion, and received at a station in California, the total prize money of 7.5 million ITF Challenge title. Donald - Yang future success in the ATP event, but only talented is not enough, it is worth mentioning that he was a lot stronger than the one two years ago.

Donald - Young so far in the ATP arena has never had a victory (in the New Haven event to take outside the card entry, he 4-6,6-3,6-4 victory over fellow American Aldridge, won first career ATP tournament wins), which has been lagging behind compared to Yisineier or Kuirui a lot, but Donald - Young is a very intelligent, arouses love and easy to get along young man. Yisineier the same with that, Donald - Young has also received U.S. Open wild card.

U.S. tennis fans looking forward to this 3 young man one day become a star, three of them will have their different future. Let us look at their growth and progress of it. "



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