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261,887,8032010-02-10 12:01:07 +0000 #1

8 players (1 .... 8)

4 pool table (ABCD)

game knockout in accordance with the rules

ask, what arrangements would be reasonable and not conflict? ? ?

Thank you
Dream Charm 2582010-02-10 12:12:25 +0000 #2

1.1.1 spherical segment of the upper surface of spherical segment is called the match table, should be parallel with the horizontal rectangle, long 274 meters wide and 1.525 meters, heights to 76 cm high.

1.1.2 Competition table does not include tables in this pool table side.

1.1.3 game table made of any material can be used, shall have the same flexibility, that is, when the standard ball from a height of 30 cm from the table down to the table, the bounce height should be about 23 cm.

1.1.4 The playing surface shall be uniformly dark, dull, each 2.74 meters along the side edge of each of the competition has a 2 cm wide white edges, each of 1.525 meters of the race along the edge of each table a 2 cm wide white end line.

1.1.5 Competition with the end of the table by a vertical line parallel to the net is divided into two equal areas of Taiwan, the Taiwan District, the whole area should be a whole.

1.1.6 doubles, all the Taiwan area shall be a 3 mm wide, white center line is divided into two equal "half-zone." Midline and the edges parallel to, and should be considered as part of the right-half area.

1.2 the net device

1.2.1 the net devices include the net, hanging net rope, net post and fixed them to the ball part of the table clamp.

1.2.2 the net to be hung on a rope , rope tied at both ends of the vertical net 15.5 centimeters high pillar, net post to leave the outer edge of the outer edges of the distance of 15.25 centimeters.

1.2.3 on top of the net throughout the match away from the table 15.25 centimeters.

1.2.4 the entire bottom edge of the net should be close to the game table, its ends should be close to the net post.


1.3.1 ball the ball shall be spherical with a diameter of 38 mm.

1.3.2 ball weight 2.5 grams.

1.3.3 The ball celluloid or similar material, was white, yellow or orange, and matt.


1.4.1 racket racket size, shape and weight limitation, but the bottom should be flat and rigid.

1.4.2 bottom should be at least 85% of the thickness of the natural wood to strengthen the bottom of the adhesive layer can be used, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber or compressed paper fiber material, each layer adhesive layer does not exceed 7.5% of the total thickness of floor, or 0.35 millimeters.

1.4.3 is used to the racket hit the ball out of the ordinary application of a layer of granular rubber particles covered with adhesive thickness of less than 2 mm; or sponge particles inward or outward rubber cover, together with the adhesive, thickness not more than 4 millimeters. "Ordinary pimpled rubber" is a layer of bubble-free natural rubber or synthetic rubber, its particles must be less than 10 per square centimeter, more than 50, the average density distribution the entire surface. "sponge rubber" that is a layer of foam rubber covered with a layer of ordinary pimpled rubber, the thickness of the rubber particles generally no more than 2 mm.

1.4.4 cover should cover the entire film surface, but not more than the edge. Components and near the Grip finger grip portion may be covered by the Executive, any material can also be covered.

1.4.5 backplane, backplane in any sandwich, cover, and the thickness of adhesive layer should be as uniform as a whole.

1.4.6 racket cover both sides of whether or not to be dull, and one side is bright red, the other side is black. Shoot on the edge of the package side of the body should be dull, not white.

1.4.7 due to accidental damage, wear or fade, resulting in surface film integrity and color consistency of a slight difference. Film surface as long as no significant change in performance, can be allowed.

1.4.8 and the beginning of the race during the race racket players need to be replaced, it must demonstrate to each other and the referee that he would want to use the racket, and allow them to check.


1.5.1 the definition of "round": the state of the ball is in play for some time. 1.5.2 "the ball at game state", from the tee, the ball was deliberately toss up before, still not free hand palm of the moment. To the round score or re-sentenced to serve.

1.5.3 "heavy ball": no sub-point round.

1.5.4, "a sub": sub-point round.

1.5.5, "free hand": is holding the racket hand.

1.5.6 "non-enforcement afraid of hands": Not holding the racket hand.

1.5.7, "shot", with the grip in the hands of the racket or racket hand below the wrist part of the ball.

1.5.8 "block": the other shot after the ball is in play state has not yet hit the side sets Area nor more than match the table or the end line, or touches the side with a player or wear any article.

1.5.9 "issue the players": In one round, first hitting athletes.

1.5.10, "sending and receiving players: In a round, the second shot athlete.

1.5.11" Referee: The person appointed to administer a game,

1.5.12 "Referee Assistant": has been designated to assist the referee in some people who work.

1.5.13 athletes "wear or take" any goods, including his start in a round wearing or carrying any items.

1.5.14 the ball from the outside of the net outstanding units under the unit or outside, or on the fight back over the net after the ball rebound over the net, shall be deemed to have "more than or around" the net device.

1.5.15 spherical segment of the "end line", including side-line at both ends of the infinite extension.


1.6.1 serve the legitimate ball, the ball should be placed on the palm of your hand is not free hand, palm open, and stretched flat. The ball should be stationary, in the ball-side end line and after the competition has the water level above the surface.

1.6.2-fat players to hand the ball almost vertically upward toss, not spin the ball and make the ball leave the hand not holding the clapped his hands after the rise of not less than 16 cm.

1.6.3 When the ball from the throw up the highest point of decline, made before the players hit the ball, the ball hit the side sets the first area, and then passes over or around the net device, and then sending and receiving player touches the Taiwan area. In doubles, the ball shall touch successively the players and the players of the right half of the sending and receiving areas.

1.6.4 from the drop before the ball still, when the last moment to hit the ball and the racket shall be above the horizontal plane in the game table.

1.6.5 hit, the ball shall serve after the side's end line, but not more than fat players body (arms, head or leg, except) the part farthest away from the end line.

1.6.6 athletes serve, have the responsibility to the referee or deputy referee to see whether he is legally serve in accordance with the provisions of serve. If the umpire made the players doubt the correctness of a ball movement, and he or deputy referee can not be satisfied that the ball movement is not illegal, a game for the first time this phenomenon occurs, the referee can warn the players and not be made sub-contractors. in the same game, if athletes serve once again be called into question the correctness of the action, whether for the same reason, no warning and sentenced to lose one point., whether for the first time or at any time, as long as the players obviously has not issued lawfully serve in accordance with the provisions of serve, He was sentenced to lose a point, without warning.

1.6.7 athletes, because of physical injury and can not legally serve strict compliance with certain provisions may be exempted from the implementation of the referee decision, subject to the referee before the game description.


1.7.1 the other party legally retaliate or fight back after the serve, the player must hit the ball square to the ball directly over or around the net device, or after touching the net device, and then hit the other Taiwan area.

1.8 matches the order of

1.8.1 In singles, the first legitimate ball player from the hair, and then the players from sending and receiving legitimate fight back, and then alternating between the legitimate fight back.

1.8.2 In doubles, the first serve from the legitimate players, and then the players from sending and receiving legitimate back, then made the player's companion legitimate fight back, and then the players from sending and receiving legitimate riposte companion, after which players take turns legally demolished fight back.

1.9 re-serve

1.9.1 Round of the following conditions should be sentenced to re-serve:, if made the players sent the ball over or around the net in the device and hit the net device, then become a legal serve sending and receiving or blocking the players or their peers. If the sending and receiving players or partner is not ready when the ball has been given: and the access to the players or their partner have made no attempt to hit the ball. As a result of interference beyond the control of the athletes, leaving players unable to legally serve. Legitimate fight back or to comply with the rules. referee or deputy referee suspended the game. In doubles, the players made mistakes, wrong then.

1.9.2 can be suspended in the following situations play: due to correct the serve, then serve the order or direction errors; due to the implementation of the rotation serve France; due to a warning or penalties for athletes; Competition environment has been due to interference, resulting in the Round results may be affected.

1.10 a min

1.1O.1 In addition to re-sentenced to serve a round, players get one point the following conditions: the other players can not legally serve;

1.1O.1.2 the other players can not lawfully fight back ;

1.1O.1.3 athletes in the serve or fight back, the other athletes in the shot before the ball touches the net addition to anything outside the facility; hitting each other later, the ball crossed the end line while the side did not touch on this side Taiwan Area; the other block; the other combos; the other party does not comply with 1.4.3 with the provisions of racket ball; the other athletes or that he wear any of the East to make two tables in this pool mobile; the other athletes or wear anything that he touches the net device; free hand touches the other player does not match the table; doubles when the , the other players batting order of the error; implementation of the rotation serve the law, return of serve athletes or their doubles partner, including the return of serve a hit, completed 13 times the legal fight back.

1.11 1 Bureau of Competition

1.11.1 in a Council race, first served the party for 21 points wins and 20 levels, the first multi-party to get two points for the winner.

1.12 a game

1.12.1 should be used in a game of three games or a system of three out of five wins system.

1.12.2 in a race to be continuous. But in between the Bureau and the Bureau, no one athlete has the right to require not more than two minutes of rest time.

1.13 serve, serve and azimuth according to the choice of

1.13.1 choices serve, return of serve, and this side, that side of the power to decide by the ballot, in the ballot may choose to serve first or the first return of serve, or choose first in the party.

1.13.2 When one player selected the first tee or the first return of serve, or choose a party after the first, the other players should have an alternative power.

1.13.3 in access to every five minutes later, return of serve side becomes serve side, and so on, until the council end of the game, or until the score reaches 20 points the two sides or the introduction of the rotation driving law, then, serve, and then issued the order remains the same, but each only made one round of sub - the ball.

1.13.4 In doubles, the first Bureau of Competition, first serve party first made to determine the players, and then the first return of serve by sending and receiving sides to determine the players first. bureaux in subsequent games, the players first made to determine After the first player should be sending and receiving a bureau of the former athletes who serve him.

1.13.5 In doubles, each change of service, the front of the players should be made sending and receiving player, hair in front of fellow players should be sending and receiving player

1.13.6 a bureau in the first serve of the party, In the field the next Board should first return of serve. In the doubles decider, when a party come-10 time-sharing, return of serve shall exchange the order of return of serve.

1.13.7 a bureau, in a particular direction the game side,In the field the next Board should change to the other place. In the deciding game, the one-come-10 time-sharing, the two sides should exchange position.

1.14 serve, serve receive errors in the sequence and position of referee, once

1.14.1 found to serve, then serve the order of error, should immediately suspend the game, according to the start of the game to establish the order, according to the court by the score should serve or return of serve athletes serve or return of serve; in doubles, according to discover errors of that bureau has the right to serve first in the party to correct the order established by and continue to play.

1.14.2 referees should be exchanged once a player without the exchange of position, it should immediately suspend the game, according to the start of the game according to the established order of the court players should stand on the correct score to correct position, and then continue with the race.

1.14.3 In any case, before the error was found in all scores are valid.


1.15.1 rotation driving law, if a Bureau of the match to 15 minutes, not the end (both sides have to win at least 19 except for time-sharing), or at any time before players of both parties request, should be rotated so serve France . time limit to when the ball is still in play state, the referee should immediately suspend the match. Been suspended by the hair round the players serve, continue with the race. time limit to when the ball is not in game condition by the previous round of sending and receiving serve the players continue to play.

1.15.2 Thereafter, each round of the athletes made a point shot until the end of the council. If the return of serve were conducted at 13 times the legal counterattack, then sentenced to serve side lost one point.

1.15.3 for serving France, once implemented, the rest of the game must continue until the end of the game.
qwvcc92010-02-10 12:19:01 +0000 #3
first divided into two groups, then four xintaizi the games, first out of four people, and then divided into two groups to compete with the two xintaizi, in two out of the final winner decided at
77889898982010-02-10 12:49:07 +0000 #4
first divided into two groups , and then four xintaizi the games, first out of four people, and then divided into two groups to compete with the two xintaizi, in two out of the final decision Champions
lone bomb2010-02-10 13:00:16 +0000 #5
first eight individuals randomly selected opponent, for 11 showdown Everyone played seven games, according to the level of performance out of four, and then four games with each other, according to results out of two people, two men fight for the championship victory, eliminated the two compete for third place
629,821,6882010-02-10 12:55:16 +0000 #6
2 will be less the same level of people a platform. By the way, those people said are all rubbish, they will not play, will not say nonsense words. Those are copied from other places. It is because most people are not put it in the formal



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