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Table tennis rubber on the issues

Super-spy2010-02-10 13:01:16 +0000 #1
I ping-pong paddle in hand using a backhand 729-2 friendship is friendship, 729-3 because previously no good now dip of maintenance is not how strong the foot can be restored? ?
ttheone2010-02-10 13:15:00 +0000 #2
not easy, because the surface sticky rubber subtle processes (the naked eye is not visible) has been damaged due to oxidation, and showed from the very beginning of the frosted look like becoming light up, you can do now is to top the impact of removing dust stuck, looking for a soft, lint brush sponge dipped in clean water again, natural drying can, if willing to spend money, then buy a can of liquid rubber and maintenance would have some effect, Once on shore, after wiping clean the ball first and then look for a rubber protective film (that is, soft plastic film, there are specializing in selling, and 12 on the money) affixed to prevent further oxidation, is too late, too late!
Return of the Milky Way2010-02-10 13:41:01 +0000 #3
The following content is from the Internet to find I had is that he has never used because I am useless to the stick of the change, and maybe help you:

Let me talk about oil.

Rubber industry has been using vegetable oil as raw materials for processing.

Vegetable oil has a variety of:

of which the light vegetable oil is better,

results were better,

dealt with because of convenience.

I use the kitchen copied from vegetables oils:

Hanako mustard oil ( Domestic call canola rape), high efficiency;

Li-meter oil (corn oil) can also be;

olive oil (your, uh, difficult to use,);

peanut oil (too thick, difficult to use, flavored)

Supermarket less than ten dollars a liter of cooking oil,

into jxxc the bottle,

50 cc to be a hundred dollars.


Peng taper-lock plastic cover must be no adhesive glue watermarks,

how to remove the plastic water stain, Please refer to the next quote.

Country sets:

General State sets thick sponge,

processing time is rather long,

treatment, the hardness decreased slightly,

to mad 3, for example, about 1 degree below the bar,

so have been looking for super-hard crazy 3.

is now using a 42-degree.

should first oil in the sponge on the smear evenly thick,

place one night,


oils were dried (strange? oils have been sponge absorbed)

sponge micro-arch, may not be obvious,

and then re-apply,

on the third day,

should see the sponge has the effect of arch expansion, and

repeat ...........

effect of an apparent day by day .....

10-15 days, the entire mad anti-3 has been rolled into a cone-like,

degree of satisfaction, it could be oil on the sponge dry,

so that sponge to absorb the oil and further clean.

At this time Do not worry try to play in the very meat,

because the surface oiling Although clean,

but was absorbed, some still in effect, put more than

12 days, so that sets of plastic Hui fire,

they're done.


sponge is soft, pores large,

as long as the above is so deal with 2-3 days,

released two days,

results are easier to see.

If it is the day set of ultrasonic bonding (sriver, mark v),

can be soaking the entire piece (otherwise it will open plastic),

rubber sponge with Peng expansion processing,

This is the tensor, and
, and involution (not anti-roll).

because the curl of interest,

in particular, # 20 Anti-roll great force,

adhesive a bit difficult,

glue to use relatively thick, Sticky great.

-made rubber is the internal energy should first set of oil-soaked sponge,

the early introduction of internal energy manufacturers is impatient ,

No full drying oils such as bonding,

I often have to open plastic.

2 to the plastic water-soaked sponge on the plastic-made watermarks,

if we can tear up the operation,

course, the most simple.

coat easy to break,

I believe we have the painful experience is not small,

thus eliminate the countless newspaper.

oil may protect from this worry:

putting the oil in the plastic water stain on the thick smear,
, etc. on behalf of one night,

(sleeping pre-cast, then woke up ok啦,)

plastic watermarks will be dissolved into diluted Hu Muddy

(like nose, a good sticky Huhu nausea)

this time scale can be easily scraped off.

If you still feel too thick scratch fixed,

The reason is not enough, or enough time to anoint.


be careful Do not let the oil flow to surface plastic to go,

surface coated with glue to dry immediately,

facial plastic part by oil immersion, long period of time the will play sore.

3 rubber thickening effect:

State sets ----> super-sticky. (can mount a number of table tennis)

coat --- "micro-viscosity (available adhesive paper, plastic membrane)


grabbed power enhanced, transparent, placement of controls have improved considerably.


a rubber surface must be clean (free of friction first step in 2,3-clean, Silk Road), attached to the film on the ( or glass flat)

2 before adding water to wipe the wet rubber surface (water for the media, so as to avoid the oil were immediately absorbed unevenly).

3 plus a few drops of oil (about 4,5 points, the first urine of chopsticks sufficient) smear, uniform friction .

4 to take advantage of dry (must be wet) to take immediate cover food wrap (Note: plastic wrap to be thin, soft, bright and clean), then scale the excess water, bubbles blown away Calibrating, so wrap close plastic surface, natural air-dry, pay attention to a few days, 12 into the dry in order to open a film, you will find big plastic surface adhesion, has oxidized the old glue that gray Dongdong, all disappear, just like that rubber renovated and the dose of the oil can not be biting off more than once, more times, tack time and again increased, satisfactory results will be stopped, Know tack bigger, the ball is relatively lower.


film so that the oil evenly remain on the surface, cover glue softened by soaking absorption, activation, and preservation of film to provide a smooth surface, let dry and shape.


film uneven, plastic surface after forming will spend.

cover glue to dry in order to play, otherwise damage plastic cover.

careful excessive reflective plastic surface, but this easier to handle.


remember each subsequent play, the cast Khan, immediately affix protective film.

-made rubber, imported sets of plastic just as effective!

by viscosity is not the only effective anti-adhesive is rubber, long rubber friend just used in written form to the oil point particles, so that the role of oil in colloidal surface can become dry, remember not biting off more than once, do a few times.

who have made a friend Zhang particles with a sticky plastic internal energy is, the effect一级棒.

4 rubber cleaning, anti-oxidation.

cap adhesive on the dirt, glue is extremely difficult to clean up, in fact, only two drip swab friction except dirt to do.

rubber if ever, oil treatment, but also not so easily oxidized.
Seven Chivalrous of Seven Chivalrous2010-02-10 14:08:36 +0000 #4
for rubber



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