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I hit a few years, is finally to be the time for self-made racket. (Formerly the finished product.)

xxbuly2010-02-10 13:01:42 +0000 #1
I used to stand right Executive Pen


are among the pool table, supplemented by hand in hand, the backhand to play the main horizontal.

Pace of flexibility on the left. Now Qiujiao you help me find a racket to configure!

Finalized requirements characteristics: stability, quality, lighter

positive anti-adhesive characteristics: flexibility in small, it can loop, left and right is flexible and control over it.

Negative anti-adhesive characteristics: viscosity big, flexible, and can be loop.

Price range the best five hundred yuan.

Can be shown a table for reference.

Besides, I live in Shantou, table tennis equipment, prices can also provide a reference for me?
diobrando212010-02-10 13:16:01 +0000 #2
working on flexibility is small? You can try something new out of telent, and soft and good control, 50 or so win. Backhand to good elasticity, viscous, then try 729-08. YE is good, but with the faster 500 of the Tian Ji. In fact, you can board domestic and 500 imported the following board has not made panels affordable. Try Galaxy P-UV2000, all posted before finished less than 300
zhchy13692010-02-10 13:21:27 +0000 #3
try 729 set of rubber, cost is very high, should be able to meet your needs.

Racket hard to say.
ekinarrow2010-02-10 13:12:37 +0000 #4
stiga and butterflies are all well

As for the glue Well 729 price is relatively cheap but high performance is mainly on the way

recommended DHS Hurricane 3 Hurricane in Hurricane-Hao Wang, or have a good
tian19893192010-02-10 13:18:30 +0000 #5
Butterfly Products Rimola Ibaraki pure wood, backhand bus butterflies are hand-mad three 39-degree



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