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ddll3662010-02-10 14:01:34 +0000 #1
Galaxy mc2 the bottom, like with CJ8000 set of glue, to the next observations: Which model fit, what kind of sponge hardness ... Thank you! I play fast-arc ...
Sharjah2010-02-10 14:10:19 +0000 #2
cj8000 is actually very good performance, a more comprehensive sponge is a good imitation Japanese technology, flexible foam rubber is not crazy enough friction so good but the drawback is that life is not so crazy

I used a long time cj8000 sets of plastic sub-abcd model I was working on a (speed of rotation type) backhand c (rotary type)

found out a lot of versions I recommend Lou Zhu Yuan-tai, is in the hands close to the table backhand loop-type fast break type of point of being a little hard floor Louzhu

But oh, do not know what the situation is no problem if the training especially good if it is proposed to use Stica cl amateur or a Milky Way u1 of this board more practical

mc-2 of such a large deformation board loop easier to adapt to, but not everyone online is so hot is a misunderstanding if someone might try to play around about
DDL waste food2010-02-10 14:18:55 +0000 #3
CJ8000 a loop-type - but I'm not so recommend

I would recommend working on the Blue Duck V backhand UFO
alovezhangc2010-02-10 14:43:44 +0000 #4
Fast-arc backhand ah, CJ8000 C light on the list - sponge slightly soft spot - MC, after all, speed type of board, room and board depends on rubber Penalties Kazakhstan -



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