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Table tennis bat, he told the

Nagisa Kaoruの残念2010-02-10 14:01:48 +0000 #1
one question is why the 2 ping-pong paddle face side is black on the other side is red

2, the black side of my racket is relatively rough, smooth side, which is playing what help?

3, is the grip. I now know that one is to take a pencil grip, a fight like Najiu grip the bottle (not the image) I better take a second to take, but they say I am more suited to the first, is to take pencil grip, and asked the difference between two kinds of the next, how to look for the kind of grip I do?
youhou66782010-02-10 14:16:52 +0000 #2

a ping-pong paddle double-sided color difference is due to heterogeneity of rubber to facilitate distinction between the opponent, by distinguishing the color can be very simple to know what the opponent's rubber hit the ball over the sake of fairness. (That is, both sides were not the same as rubber, such as being anti-adhesive, rubber-like backhand long ---- play, anti-adhesive, and particles the same action, but the effect of the ball is different 。。。。。。。 .)

2 side smooth rough side of the rubber, I do not know if it refers to the side of anti-glue (smooth) side particles (rough) the circumstances, if so, such a configuration, you can play different characteristics of rubber and, of course, controlling them is also more difficult. If not, it will be because of the different coefficient of friction, resulting in different effects of both sides hit the ball, generally speaking, right Louzhu help is to make it difficult to adapt to opponents. (Even that is being anti-adhesive, backhand the configuration of raw rubber, playing the very advantage of the O (∩ _ ∩) O-)

3 hours straight grip (the same way someone suggested Louzhu囧-) horizontal (Lou Zhu Jue's easy to get way) I do not know to Louzhu suggestions on how people look, straight fit and flexible footwork, feel clear, quick sideways people, small, fast and straight spirits is characterized, mainly playing Nearly Taiwan; horizontal plate magic is good, strong backhand. Is now the mainstream style of play, nearly COSCO Taiwan is not a disadvantage, (a small ball inside the station is very disadvantageous position ---) --- Louzhu can choose two methods did not vary, mainly depends on the individual conditions and preferences of the. . . . . . . . .



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