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Ping-pong board with how we are assigned?

oxo1232010-02-10 15:01:49 +0000 #1
1. What to buy? Is a two pouches one floor a glue (stick to its own do??)? ? Foil and film sets regardless of

2. Is to Shop or a physical store?

3. How to know whether the purchase for you, store to look at how the product scores?

4. Purchased pouches is only a sticky side of the board do? Will there be enough of plastic bags? ?
Tube 62010-02-10 15:11:31 +0000 #2
1 is now essentially a floor, two sets of plastic, unless you are pushing the traditional straight left-right attack, then only one set of plastic, if it is in the store to buy, general stores would give sticky, net purchase also allows stores to give you stick better in the post, of course, should also be their favorite DIY sticky, such as foil, film sets, while retaining these small things, the general store will be sent, of course, wool come out of sheep ...

2 personal point of view, the tempo of your net purchases of some provinces, but the authenticity of the will risk. If cheap racket, or physical store to buy postage online shopping count may also be more expensive than the physical stores

3 what you what level of play, with what is what is rubber floor, the best advice about knowledgeable people. Then buy that the specified things. See Louzhu estimated to be a novice question, it is better first find out what they have to with a kind of.

4 sets of plastic, of course one side, square, and the excess will be cut ⊙ ﹏ ⊙ b,
Language of the stars 1102010-02-10 15:09:49 +0000 #3
shops inside are usually assigned to the first, ah find your own sleeve and bottom glue we generally confused are not too uniform. So they still find shops bar pouches are sticky side is a square, it can not be enough
What strong and2010-02-10 15:59:09 +0000 #4
1. This is essential to online buy cheap


3 more in this course come to figure out what kind of fit their own example, I much prefer my style of play soft or hard bottom floor at the end of a large fresh (Butterfly King Marlene YEO) I like the friction of friction than the collision course, a good rubber (TENERGY 05), of course best suited to their own bottom still needed know personally tried many sets of plastic and the update is very fast might someday on a more high-quality set of plastic products of the

store to score I do not know but I know the product is given (speed control rotation) three indicators there is a reference value of

4 sets of plastic of course, only the sticky side of a lot bigger than the bottom of the case will not be enough



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